The Performance Edge: A $200 Price Drop Makes G4 Upgrade Attractive . Sonnet's Price Cuts & The Price/Performance Equation

Sunday, March 4, 2001

Sonnet, has dropped prices up to $100 on its upgrades for ZIF based machines and $200 on its G4 upgrade for 7200 class machines.

Below we explore what performance gain you will see with these cards installed in the machines they are made for.

New Prices and the Machines The Cards Are Intended For

Encore G4/500/250/1M
Old Price $700 New Price $500

Encore G4/400/200/1M
Old Price $400 New Price $350

Power Mac G3 desktops
G3 Towers
G3 Servers
Blue & White G3s

Crescendo 7200-G4/400/200/1MB
Old Price $600 New Price $500

Crescendo 7200-G3/400/200/1MB
Old Price $500 New Price $400

Crescendo 7200-G3/400/133/512K
Old Price $400 New Price $300


Sonnet's Crescendo 7200 G3 upgrade card is compatible with the following Macintosh models:

- Power Mac 7200, 7215
- Workgroup Server 7250
- Power Mac 8200


What kind of performance gain are you getting for the money you'll be shelling out for the various cards?......

Bear in mind that MacBench does not use the special AltiVec instructions of the G4 processor. Nor does it make use of a second processor in dual processor configurations. So the scores below will not show the improved performance of the G4 over the G3 for applications written to take advantage of the G4 and/or dual processors. In our testing using AltiVec savvy applications we have seen between 38% to 128% performance improvement when using a G4 over that of the G3. See the links below for the performance of these cards running various G4 savvy applications.


Ok, Ok! But what about the Velocity Engine (AltiVec) scores for these upgrades? Click here

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