Product Watch: I Can Name That Tune In One Click!
A Small Device For The Musically Challenged.

The eMarker From Sony
We have all been in the following situation. You are driving along, listening to the radio, when you hear a new song that grabs your fancy. You want to get the name of the song and artist, but the DJ may forget to back announce it or will bury the song in a long list of other songs you don't recognize. Or you may simply arrive at your destination before the song title is even announced. Sony has come up with a simple yet clever solution to this dilemma.

The eMarker Sony's eMarker is a small (1 5/16" x 3 3/4" x 1 3/16") time stamp device that easily attaches to your keychain. When you hear a song that you want to identify you push a button on the device to create a new time stamp. The eMarker can store up to 10 time stamps. The eMarker connects to your Mac via a USB cradle and transfers the time stamp data to the eMarker web site. From the web site, you simply identify which station you were listening to and eMarker will identify the song from the station's play list.

It is worth noting that eMarker's coverage is not complete. Their site lets you check coverage in your area by entering your zip code. We entered our zip code and found that none of our favorite radio stations (public, community and college) were on the list. eMarker also does not cover classical or jazz stations although this may change in the future. If your musical tastes run towards rock, pop or other mainstream genres you should be set.

The eMarker device costs $20 and the required account on the eMarker web site is free. You will need to register and provide eMarker with some demographic information however, age, marital status, income etc. In addition to providing the name of the song and artist, the results window also provides 30 second audio clips and links to buy the associated album. You can save up to 500 clips in your account for later perusal.