iMac G3/400 For Sale - Loaded With Software And Ram

We have a iMac G3/400 available for purchase along with a pile of free software! The machine comes with 256 MB of RAM (stock configuration is 64 MB). The Computer is as new and has been used less than 40 hours. We purchased it for software testing and review purposes. The computer is in excellent condition and comes with an Apple warranty (good through 3/30/02). Comes bundled with new (in the box), excellent software: Conflict Catcher 8, DiskWarrior, PlusOptimizer, CopyAgent, NetBarrier, VirusBarrier, Chaos Master and StuffIt Deluxe (these products purchased separately would cost $460).

The machine will come in the original box with all the original software and accessories.

We also have the following Machintoshes for sale: iMac G3/500 with 192 MB of RAM and the software bundle above, an iMac G3/600 with 512 MB of RAM and a PowerBook G4/400 with the software bundle described above.

Purchaser pays actual shipping charges. If you are interested or have any questions contact Dave