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The Multiprocessor Option - Apple has not been too strong in the multiprocessor area. Up to the launch of OS X, there was no Mac operating system with good multitasking, let alone strong multiprocessor support. A multiprocessor system can speed up individual applications if they are multithreaded, but the easiest speedup you can get from extra processors is running multitasking more effectively. OS X has the potential to turn the situation around

The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X -- Part 2 - When people ask my advice about switching to new software, my first answer is usually: it depends. It depends on your computing needs, hardware, budget, and the amount of time you have for testing

Mac OS XŃFinally - The Macintosh press has thoroughly covered Mac OS X already, so I wonŕt belabor the obvious points. Instead, this article will focus on my experience with OS X and opinions about it.

Making the Move to X - My good friend and neighbour asked me about upgrading his Rev 1 iMac from OS 8.6 to OS X. He had stuffed an extra 128 MB into it at time of purchase, and he has plenty of hard disk space. He wanted the stability of X, but was worried that one of his key applications might not run properly under X. I'd like to address that issue today

Mac OS X Diary: Burning Questions - Latest Update Lets You Burn CDs with iTunes

TenBITS/07-May-01 - Mac OS X 10.0.2 and iTunes 1.1.1. Add CD Burning

What the Update to OS X 10.0.2 Does For Real People with Real Macs - If there's one thing you learn when you own a lot of software, it's don't believe the software maker's claims about updatesŃeven, sometimes, if they're Apple. In this case, however, most of Apple's claims seem to be true, though as always there are kinks that need ironing out

Mac OS X Notes: easy or hard for long time users? - Is Mac OS X easy or hard for long time Mac users to master? To me the next generation operating system's learning curve seems reasonable considering that Apple is attempting to offer an operating system that has the renown Mac ease of use and a UNIX engine

The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X - This is a note to you, the PowerBook and iBook owner who is contemplating an upgrade to Mac OS X but hasn't taken the leap yet. The point of the letter isn't to convince you to upgrade; it's to show you how to do so without dropping a stitch or sending your computing life into personal hell

For Mac Users, the End of Innocence - OS X's heavy reliance on Unix makes Macs tempting potential targets for hackers and viruses. It's a threat Apple must do more to head off

MacWindows Mac OS X Cross-Platform Special Report - Though there is little new in the way of Windows integration in OS X 10.0. Cross-platform compatibility suffers in the short term, but bodes well for the long term

We've Got Mail - One of the frustrations of switching operating systems is finding applications you can work with. While Mac OS X's Mail application is serviceable, I find that it's too clumsy to work with my volume of mail

TenBITS/30-Apr-01 - More on Mac OS X's FTP Server

Mac OS X, Your Way - It's been a few weeks since Mac OS X was released, and users already have their small ways of modifying X to fill their needs. I will try to explain and show you the current tips and tricks on modifying Mac OS X

OpenSource Cocoa Usenet Newsreader Available - Christopher Wolf of Wolfware has released a new OpenSource Usenet newsreader for OS X, Newsflash. Newsflash is written using OS X's Cocoa programming framework and contains many of the same features as more mature Usnet programs

Talking About Life With Mac OS X - an informal discussion about our views on Mac OS X

Unlocking The Power Of Groups In Mac OS X - This week I look at using users and groups to more finely control other users' access to your files

Mac OS X Diary: File extensions and followups - In yesterday's Mac OS X Diary, Mark Munz of unmarked software made some statements that have been, to say the least, controversial

X-Plane Creator Austin Meyer Talks OS X Development - Austin Meyer is the lead force behind the popular flight simulator X-Plane. X-Plane is a general aviation simulator available for Mac and Windows computers. Insanely Great Mac spoke with Meyer about X-Plane and the upcoming development for Mac OS X

Controlling Mac OS X With A Mac Plus (or other Classic Mac) - Remember the old days when your Unix computer was just a 'dumb terminal' that 'talked' to the REAL computer? You had no hard drive, just an old fashioned screen with really big keys that were really hard to push down? We're going to do the same thing here

Mac OS X: A Gamer's Perspective - OS X is an excellent start down the path to an astounding OS for gaming, but there are significant roadblocks to overcome and a bumpy ride for early adopters

ATM Deluxe won't port to OS X - Adobe recommends that ATM users adopt DiamondSoft Font Reserve or Extensis Suitcase as an alternative

Mac OS X Diary: Sizzle or steak? - while it's selling like hotcakes, and while most reviews have been positive, others have been mixed or downright negative. Today we're offering up the opinions of a long-time Mac columnist and a software company representative. Judge for yourself whether the comments are on the money or complaints from folks unwilling to change

Mac OS X and the digital hub - UNIX have long had the ability to let users log in at remote terminals and see their desktops and files as if they were on their own computer. Build that functionality into OS X (if it isn't there already under the hood), and it opens up a world of possibilities

Taking a Harder Look at OS X - Apple's new operating system has earned glowing reviews. Try it on an older computer, however, and it's a different story

the 'osxguide' - an easy-to-read guide to using Mac OS X. OS X

Where Does OS X Get More Speed? - I was at CompUSA the other day, and they had a G4-466 with a ATI Radeon card running OS X. It flew. Even with only 128MB RAM, things seemed much snappier

The Decline of Mac OS X Typography - QuickDraw/GX, while flawed in UI and implementation, was a great idea in terms of fonts and typography

Westlake on Alice Requirements, OS X, Demo - Brad Oliver of Westlake Interactive has made a few Usenet posts recently regarding his work on the Carbonized version of American McGee's Alice. Last week, Aspyr Media released some preliminary system requirements for the game

iMac'n On OS X Part I - Here are my tips for those with a wee little iMac and the decision to upgrade to OS X

iMac'n On OS X (Part 2) - Here is part two of my tips for those with a wee little iMac and the decision to upgrade to OS X

OS X: A Confused Operating System - Before I start giving examples of "power features" that have been removed, I should do a little clarifying. Apple has made it very clear that some features that aren't available in OS X aren't permanently gone, they're just not completed yet

Getting Your Feet Wet With Aqua - Aqua is the most important factor in the success of OS X. More important than Linux, native applications, ripping Napster files, or watching The Matrix on your Mac

Components of Object-Oriented Programming - Object-oriented programming is the cornerstone of modern software, including Apple's Mac OS X

With Mac OS X, Apple Computer officially supports only Macintoshes originally built with G3 or G4 processors. Sonnet Technologies is committed to extending this support to many additional machines upgraded with a Sonnet Crescendo or Encore G3 or G4 processor card

OS X revisited AppleŇs Unix-based operating system still needs work - IŇve encountered a number of new problems, and I now know for sure that 128MB is not enough memory for a gratifying computing experience. OS X holds a lot of promise, but there are some improvements IŇd like to see before I recommend it

OS X developers books published - IT publishers O'Reilly has announced a new series of programming books for Mac OS X developers

XBook II: Mac OS X on a PowerBook - O'Grady's rant on running Mac OS X on his PowerBook G4 Titanium and why it isn't easy being a die-hard, early adopter

One Month With OS X - despite my unabashed love for OS X, I am aware that it still has some pimples

Mac OS X Diary: Omni's X products worth a look - OmniGraffle. It's written in Cocoa -- Apple's object-oriented development platform -- and makes full use of Mac OS X's Aqua interface. The app is great for making make diagrams, org charts, layouts, flow charts, or any other graphic presentations of relationships and labeled parts

Free Mac OS X Mac/Windows Text Conversion Utility - Medienwerkstatt Muehlacker today announced the release of ASCon-A 2.0 X, its free utility for converting text between MacOS and Windows, for Macintosh computers running Apple's new Mac OS X

No OS X support for XLR8's InterView? - Apparently, there'll be no Mac OS X support for XLR8's InterView. Though the company, which specializes in Mac upgrade and acceleration products, plans support for the next generation operating system in most of its offerings, the audio-visual capture product seems to be the exception

Quake III OS X news from id software - Long-awaited news about the OS X version of Quake III Arena from id software was dispersed to the gaming masses

David and Goliath - We have just entered the weirdest four months in Apple's history đ where the whole software world could be turned on its head. Giants could be toppled, and underdogs could win both massive support and the success and riches that go with it

Weighing the hassles of an OS X upgrade - Years of hype indicated that the new Unix-based Apple operating system promised the most dramatic improvement in user experience since Apple began offering Macintosh computers with color monitors in 1987. A college friend who spent seven years on the team that developed OS X whetted my appetite further with periodic updates on his progress

Mac OS X: Another View - I have this ongoing discussion about how negative many of the Mac OS X articles are -- particularly stinging have been the criticisms about it lacking the bells and whistles that the well-seasoned Mac OS 9 includes

AppleSeed bears OS X fruit - by Dennis Sellers, April 17, 2001, 3:15 pm ET The AppleSeed Web site -- which looks at a parallel Mac cluster for numerically intensive computing and should be of interest to those interested in a "plug and play parallel computer" -- has been updated with new features that anticipate the "widespread use of OS X in the coming year," according to Viktor Decyk, one of the site's founders

X-Assist adds OS 9-ish features to Mac OS X - If you're running Mac OS X and want it to be more like OS 9, you may be interested in the new X-Assist, a freeware utility from shareware author Peter Li

Mac OS X Diary: Mail's multiple accounts, PDF printing - With multiple POP3 accounts it's pretty common to get a "Cannot access mailbox xxx.mbx - it is locked by user xxxxxxx" message. Thankfully, there's a simple workaround

Do More With OS X - After only a few weeks with Mac OS X, I am getting bored with it

Seybold Vendors Take on X - As Big Companies Dawdle, Smaller Publishing Players Look to Summer Releases for OS X-Ready Apps

Mac OS X racks up big bucks - copies of the next generation operating system have apparently been flying off the shelves.

Apple Releases OS X 10.0.1 Update - After weeks of speculation Apple has officially released the first update for OS X, version 10.0.1

Seminars help bioscientists leverage OS X - A seminar sponsored by Apple and other companies has been created for bioscientists interested in leveraging the formidable power of Mac OS X with third-party software developed to help them analyze data

Work Around Hack For Changing Your OS X Hard Drive Icons - with the release of version 10.0 on March 24th, including the 10.0.1 update released this weekend, you can no longer change your hard drive icons. Rather, you can change them all you want, but they do not show up in Mac OS X (those changes will show up when booting into Classic). This is annoying, frustrating, and most un-Mac like

Want to Share With Windows Users? Try Samba for OS X - As a Mac OS X user, you can share your files with most other Mac users, either via AppleShare or FTP. But you may also want to share your files with those crazy Windows users. The protocol used to communicate among these machines is often referred to as CIFS/SMB

Softmagic brings magazine publishing to Mac OS X - Like other software developers who have been early adopters of OS X, Seoul, South Korea-based Softmagic was originally a NEXTStep developer

Utility adds new features to OS X menu bar - MenuStrip is a Mac OS X utility designed to add some common tasks to the Mac OS X menu bar

Mac OS X Diary: Unix -- The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Mac users are having some common problems and questions when they take the OS X plunge. These answers should help you with any initial hurdles

Mac OS X - GraphicConverter - LemkeŇs made a lot of Mac users even happier by recently releasing a carbonized version of GraphicConverter that runs under Mac OS X.

Filesharing In Mac OS X - In this column I talk about another important way of sharing your data with other users in Mac OS X: Apple's filesharing system.

The Performance Edge: Beta Drivers, Official Drivers and Planned Drivers. The Latest Information On Upgrade Cards And OS X! - It should come as no surprise that upgrade manufacturers have been working fast and furious since March 24th to get OS X drivers out for their cards

You, too, can learn to love Mac OS X, warts and all - IF YOU read my last two columns, you might think I don't like Mac OS X, but nothing could be further from the truth. While I still can't recommend it to most users, I've been using it full time for several weeks now and I'm learning to love it, warts and all. And even though I still contend version 10.0 is more like a beta (pre-release version) than a polished final release, it's still impressive

OS X and what it needs to succeed - I would like to take some time to give some advice on where OS X needs to go from here. At the time most of the media, including myself believe that even though OS X is amazing, it is not ready for mainstream use

Unlined Charcoal X 1.1.2 - How to replace your current theme

Torvalds claims he was misquoted about Mac OS X - Linus Torvalds said April 8 that reports of him trashing the new Mac OS X are simply misquotes, as he has "never commented on OS X."

Things To Know When You Install OSX - Mac OS X installs approximately 30,000 files on your HD, and many of them are quite fragmented after installation. It would be a good idea to boot up from a Norton Utilities CD, and use Norton Speed Disk to defragment your file system. I have not tried this yet, but several sources have informed me that a very noticeable performance boost results from running Speed Disk

For New Developers, X Marks the Spot - OS X Has Attracted New Players to the Mac Platform; Will They Broaden the Mac's Appeal?

OS X Install (Not) Travails - It seems that the days when you could create a boot disk by physically dragging two to four files (depending on Mac OS version and hardware) into a folder and naming it "System Folder" will soon be gone, and I'm not enchanted by that

I Don't Use Mac OS X - I really do like OS X. Honestly. I have tried many times to use it as my sole operating system, but each time gave in and booted back into 9

48 Hours with OS X - The purpose of this article, is to describe my experience (good and bad) on installing Mac OS X, on a Blue and White G3.

48 Hours with OS X - Part 2 - The first major problem I have with OS X is that it doesn't like you to look at it naked. It loves for you to look at it's awesome aqua interface, but it doesn't want you to see anything behind the hood

Another OS X Speed Up Tip - using the renice command to speed up the OS X Finder here is another tip that can speed up application launch times

OS X Report 2: Making OS X Look Serious - The Serious Side of Mac OS X

Mac OS X: Core Technologies Overview -3 - Quartz and Printing

Digging Deeper into Mac OS X - Apple has thoughtfully included a copy of its developer's tools CD with every copy of Mac OS X. That's right, the same tools used to create Mac OS X and its applications are now in your hands. Apple has empowered users of Mac OS X to go a bit further with their exploration, to go a bit further and create their own applications

New Mac and PC Operating Systems Are Works in Progress - Want to give yourself a really good headache? One of those lie-down-in-a-dark-room-with-an-ice- pack-on-the-forehead affairs? Try installing two brand-new operating systems on two different computers at the same time. Nothing causes cranial pain more quickly

Beware of Installers bearing package (Part II) - Eighteen months ago I wrote an article called "Beware of Installers bearing packages". That article outlined the problems that existed with the Mac OS X Server 1.x version of Apple was at the time working on a new version of, and I'd hoped that they'd have addressed these issues. Sadly, they've not

Want Full Control Over OS X Preferences? Try PrefEdit - Sure, there are many new features in OS X, when compared to OS 9, but some concepts still live on. One of these concepts is application-specific preferences. Under OS 9, these were stored in the Preferences folder, located in your System Folder. Unfortunately, OS 9 didn't allow one to do much with these preferences, other than trash them when an application is misbehaving. But things are different under OS X

Mac OS X quite cool, but don't dig in yet - The question on the minds of most owners of Macs of recent vintage and sufficient memory: Should I or shouldn't I? The unstated part of the question is "upgrade to Mac OS X." The answer from the Magic Mac Eight Ball: "Answer hazy; try again after Macworld Expo in July."

Package Tracker Now Available For OS X - Package Tracker allows users to track package shipments with any of the major shipping companies, and the new version adds a host of new features as well as being Carbonized for compatibility with OS X

Mac OS X Bridges the Gap - The idea of Unix underneath scares some Mac users, many of whom fear a CLI or a base OS they don't comprehend. But there's nothing to fear. Basic Unix commands are easy to learn and use. More importantly, they can save time

Science & Technology - Bioinformatics Software Ports to Mac OS X - Moving software from one operating system to another Đ also known as porting Đ can be a time-consuming and complex task. However, it has always been easy to port code from one variant of UNIX to another

AirPort Networks with Mac OS X - 'Designing AirPort Networks with Mac OS X is an Adobe Acrobat pdf document that includes important information on extending the capabilities of the AirPort Base Station

Windows XP vs. Mac OS X - At the core, Mac OS X is based on Unix, while Windows XP derives its heritage from Windows 2000. Windows XP seeks to do lots of things, but Mac OS X focuses on doing much less really well.

More A-list games headed to Mac OS X, says Westlake - Games are one of the great unanswered questions of the new operating system

Creating docklings on Mac OS X 10.0 - I've created a handy project template for creating your own docklings using Cocoa

Mac OS X -- Fixed! - As a power user, I find working in X an exercise in frustration

Want to Customize The Mac OS X Firewall? Try BrickHouse! - Sure, the stock OS X is pretty secure, but as you start adding applications, you may want to keep an eye on things. Enter BrickHouse...

A Weekend Date with OS X, Part III - Old Friends, New Friends - After getting used to moving around the new Finder, we then decided to explore some of the goodies in the Applications folder

Windows XP is reliable and snappy even in test form. Its multimedia features really shine. But the system software isn't ready for prime time

Macromedia gets jump on Mac OS X with FreeHand - design tool, slated to ship in May, that includes key support for Apple Computer Inc.'s new operating system.

Learning Carbon - You'll learn the fundamentals and key concepts of Carbon programming as you design and build a complete application under the book's guidanc

Learning Cocoa - Learn about Cocoa application development not merely by reading, but by doing

GraphicConverter gets Carbon improvements, more - Lemke Software now distributes a Carbon version of GraphicConverter designed to run under Mac OS X

Mac OS X: Understanding Multi-User Capabilities - Apple first introduced system-level multi-user capability with OS 9 but this was only a fore-shadowing of what lay ahead for OS X. In OS 9 the multi-user features were optional; in OS X they are mandatory

Does Switching To OS X Now Make Sense For Me? - The big question is, does enough of the software I need to do my work exist in OS X native configuration to make the switch sensible at this time?

A Weekend Date With X, Part II - Getting To Know You - The point where you know you aren't in Kansas any more is the Dock occupying the bottom of your screen. This is the new control center for Mac OS X, so get used to it.

Too few programs available for OS X, but more coming - Only a handful of commercial programs have been rewritten for OS X so far, and it's unclear when many of the good ones will be

Hold off on buying OS X until Apple corrects its bugs - Mac OS X 10.0 isn't ready for prime time. An operating system upgrade is supposed to make using your Mac easier. Unfortunately, Mac OS X 10.0 doesn't

Is Mac OS X a Threat to Linux? - The new Mac OS now has preemptive multitasking and support for up to two processors, which is still a far cry from Linux's support for up to 16 processors, but it's a move in the right direction.

InsideX 20 Bugs In Mac OS X 10.0 - Those of us with Mac OS X 10.0 have noticed there is a boatload of bugs. I have a list of 47 bugs and counting

Featured Guest - OS X Product Managers and Andy Parsons, Senior VP, Product

Got GIMP? Popular Open Source Photoshop Rival Runs On OS X - Mac, Unix, and Linux users alike have long been wondering if and how traditional Unix and Linux applications will run on Mac OS X

TMO Exclusive Interview With Bob "Dr. Mac OS X" LeVitus On OS X - We are pleased to present an exclusive interview on OS X with Dr. Macintosh himself, Bob LeVitus. Bob has published 36 books about computers and technology

OS X: The End of Tight Hardware Integration? - Mac OS X is possibly the biggest change to the Macintosh ever. It marks the end of the standard Mac OS. It also marks the end of tight hardware-software integration

Mac OS X Diary: Linux, docklings, and memory - One of the most incredible things about Mac OS X is how well Apple has hidden its UNIX underpinnings. Whether you love Aqua or not, this certainly isn't your father's UNIX

Margin Notes Mac OS X 10.0: A MacFixIt Perspective - So, now that OS X is available, should you buy it? Should you be using it today? Should you even be glad it has arrived? There are no easy answer to these questions.

OS X: Leveraging the Success of UNIX - Will OS X help Apple maintain its current footholds and increase its market share?

Test app finds OS X's Aqua to be 'X' times slower? - A small utility designed to test the speed of Mac OS X's Desktop performance attempts to test the Aqua interface. Could OS X's Desktop be 'X' times slower than OS 9's Finder?

Let1kWindowsBloom - Here's a program I wrote that time how long it takes to open and close 1,000 windows

Turning Mac OS X Into A Web Server - OS X's Unix core means that the OS is well equipped to handle industrial strength, OS reliant tasks such as ftp and Web serving. Apple has kindly provided a very simple way to access both features in OS X, but this week we are only going to talk about Web serving

Turning Mac OS X into a Lean Mean Web Serving Machine Part II Installing the newest version of Apache

Blizzard on Playing Games With Mac OS X - An IMG reader mailed Blizzard Entertainment with a question about playing StarCraft under Mac OS X

OS X Web browser ships - OmniWeb 4, a Web browser custom-built for OS X in the Cocoa development environment, is available for download now

Setting Up Mac OS X - This is a short series of tips for setting up your Mac OS X machine. These tips come from people who have been running Mac OS X since the release of Public Beta and some of the many builds that have since been leaked

MacOS X Questions & Answers - Welcome to our MacOS X Questions & Answers! We'll try and help this transitional period with a simple page of things we have found that we hope will help you out! Enjoy!

Perplexed by OS X? Here's the intro info - Admit it. You have a trusty Mac computer lying around your house just in case of a PC emergency. Or perhaps, as in my case, you have it as a security blanket, reminding you of when you had time to spend creating graphics, QuickTime movies, and the like

Apple - Science & Technology - Mac OS X Software Development Tools - In addition to the many off-the-shelf software tools described on these pages for numerical and statistical analysis, data acquisition, and visualization, physical scientists have also depended on basic OS building blocks such as shells, common UNIX applications, scripting languages, and compilers to build specialized software for their work

Apple - Mac OS X for Higher Education - UNIX and the higher education community go way back. With its UNIX underpinnings, Mac OS X is the perfect choice for your campus due to the strong base of support and familiarity that exist in higher education

Agfa makes OS X scanner move - Agfa has announced its support for Apple's Mac OS X in future versions of its ScanWise and FotoLook scanning software

OS X update circulating before official release - Less than a week after Mac OS X's release, Apple Computer is preparing an update to the new operating system to fix some bugs.

Mac OS X Tip - Work Around For Radeon PCI/Voodoo 3 Cards In OS X - Starting my Mac in Mac OS X with two monitors powered by the two video cards results in only the AGP Rage 128 Pro powered monitor working. The Radeon PCI powered monitor eventually turns on, but remains a washed out light grey color, and the desktop is not visible

Macworld: OS X: Judgement Day

Mac OS X is Only for Programmers -- Not! - After reading Monday's flooding of posts to Macintouch and countless "reviews" at media sites, all with the same familiar doleful theme that X is an "unfinished symphony," my first response was "Duh!"

OS X and Titanium PowerBook issue workarounds offered - the Mac OS 9.1 disk that ships with Mac OS X won't install on some Macs such as the Titanium PowerBook G4. However, there are workarounds

Mainstream press looks at OS X - Mac OS X is now here and many non-Mac publications are giving it a thumbs-up, albeit with some reservations

iNstalling OS X: Wonder and Surprise - I think I understand clearly why Apple isn't shipping computers with OS X installed yet. But, on the flip side, I want everyone who walks into my home to see and marvel at this OS. It's like an incredible game that we get to play with in every function we perform

More OS X Books Than You Can Shake A Stick At - Here»s a quick sampling, in no particular order, of what you can expect on store bookshelves between now and the end of summer

Who Is Kernel Panic, And Why Is He In My Mac? Apple Posts Mac OS X TIL - With the first release of Mac OS X, a shocking and surprising thing has happened for some Mac users. Their beautiful Aqua GUI has collapsed into a pile of white text on a black background, with a message of some sort talking about Kernel Panic.

Mac OS X: Don't Sleep Swap Batteries - You cannot sleep swap PowerBook batteries while running Mac OS X

Mac OS X: Installation on Wallstreet I - If you own a original PowerBook G3 Series you can only install Mac OS X on a partition that exists entirely in the first 8 GB of the hard drive

Minneapolis Store Sells In Excess Of 60% of OS X Copies On First Day - We had started off with 54 copies of OS X; we sold 33 copies the first day, and the first 25+ of those were in the first three hours

Apple says OS X sales strong in UK - Apple Computer has sold "almost all" of the UK allocation of its new operating system, OS X, over the weekend, the company said on Monday

OS X Pics - A picture is worth a thousand words, yet without words, we'd all end up like a bunch of mimes. That's why I've brought to you the best of both worlds. Below each picture is a short description, as well as an explanation of the picture»s significance

Mac OS X for K-12 Education - Mac OS X includes hundreds of new features that will benefit K-12

Adobe Pledges OS X Support - Adobe has vowed support for Mac OS X by announcing that they plan to offer, "OS X support in the next major release," of most of their products, including Photoshop, GoLive, and Illustrator

Building OpenSSH 2.5.2 on Mac OS X 1.0 - In the release version of Mac OS X Apple was unable to include OpenSSH. Until Apple is able to provide a downloadable version of this package, you will need to install it yourself.

Using Carbon APIs from Cocoa - In this article, I will describe some of the steps needed to make Carbon technologies available to Cocoa applications

OS X To Be a Huge Success - In the long run Mac OSŃX will be one of the most successful computer products ever. Why? Because it combines the four holy grails of computing:

OS X Converts Linux/Unix/Windows Users To 'The Church' - several customers I spoke with never owned a Mac, yet the majority of them have either purchased a Mac recently, came into the store to buy one, or will be buying one. Every one of them said the reason they were even considering the computer was for the express purpose of running Mac OS X.

Mac OS X Sucks - Don't even think about implementing Mac OS X in a production environment.

Your Mac OS X Questions Answered - I received my copy of Mac OSˇX last Saturday. I love it and already wonder how I could have survived without it. As I mentioned in my last column, it is important to recognize Mac OSˇX's good features, not what's wrong with it.

XLR8 states OS X support for some customers - According to XLR8, customers using products in already OS X certified machines can expect to be able to use Mac OS X. Specifically, users of CPU upgrades for Apple's ZIF computers should be able to use Mac OS X with a XLR8 upgrade

How Does UNIX = Mac OS X? The Unix Family Tree - One way to understand the present is to figure out what paths were taken in the past. With that said, Eric Levenez has constructed a very detailed, very complete "Unix Timeline."

Apple re-enters desktop battle Revamped operating system, powerful processors may sway more federal users

Mac OS X elves?? - I was looking around after the installation of Mac OS X for some cool cocoa-ized applications to play around with. I downloaded iTunes and AppleWorks 6.1. Messed with Chess and Liquid Button Maker. And I stumbled with a folder I had never seen before. Developer?

Service For New Musicians To Use OS X Server, QuickTime - Downslam, a service that helps musicians get their big break in the music industry, has announced that they will be using Apple's OS X server and QuickTime streaming technology for their online service

OS X Dock Alternative Updated - Nicholas Gustilo has updated his Dock alternative utility, Pocket Dock, to version 2.0. Pocket Dock provides a handy place for storing and launching applications, e-mail addresses, files, and URLs

Asante Releases OS X Drivers For Gigabit Networking Products - Asante has announced that they have released OS X drivers for their popular line of FriendlyNET ethernet switches and adapters

Apple Mac OS X Support Statement - This explains the Mac OS X supported information about your Brother Printer or MFC

Apple Macintosh OS X and Supported EPSON Printers - This document contains all the information concerning EPSON products and Mac OS X that is available at this time

ArchiCAD 7 for Mac OS X at CeBIT Germany - Mac CAD developers will be releasing OS X versions within the first 60-90 days of Mac OS X, but it is likely that Graphisoft will be here sooner.

First Web content management software for OS X promised - Roxen Platform blurs the boundary between text and graphics. It can be used to personalize text information and also graphics at run-time, based on a visitor's access privileges and profile. It serves custom content tailored to the browser in a computer, phone, PDA or other Web access device

Strange Flavour releases Bushfire for Mac OS X - Strange Flavour, the authors of the games Jetstrike and Base Jumpers for the Amiga, today released Bushfire, their first game for the Macintosh. And not wanting to date themselves, they made the game OS X ready

Will Mac OS X Mail End Email Diversity? - One of the features in Mac OSˇX that I haven't seen discussed a great deal by commentators and reviewers is Mac OSˇX Mail -- the email client built into Apple's new operating system. Apple calls email a "killer app." However, one wonders whether it what it is going to kill will not be the present rich diversity of choice among third-party Mac email clients

Mac OS X Tip - Using & Understanding The Dock (With Pics) - The Mac OS X Dock is something that has garnered controversy, accolades, and criticism since its introduction at MACWORLD San Francisco 2000. I myself don't like every aspect of the Dock, but I love it as a whole. This is a tutorial that shows you the various aspects of the Dock to help you become familiar with it and use it to its utmost

Mac OS X Tip - Repairing Mac OS X Disks - One of the few problems with OS X is that the disk repair application included with the OS, Disk Utility, can not repair an OS X volume if that OS X volume is the start up volume.

Mac OS X (v10.0) - how fast are applications running in Classic Mode? In our view they seem to run about the same as in 9.1 alone. Here are some benchmarks that we ran in OS 9.1 alone and in OS X's Classic Mode on the Cube and the 533 DP

You have OSˇX, so now what are you going to do? - While some believe that running applications under Classic is an acceptable form of backwards compatibility, sticking to Classic applications instead of Carbon or Cocoa versions masks the problem of apps available for OSˇX. Classic works well, but if you depend on Classic applications to bring home the cash, depend on Mac OS 9.1

Installation Instructions for Mac OS X OldWorld Support - While Mac OS X 10.0 does not include support for certain older models, such as the 7300 - 9600 series (the "PowerSurge" models), it is possible to add such support, based on source code from the Darwin project. This code has been tested on several PowerSurge models, and it appears to be reliable. However, using it is very much an "at your own risk" proposition. While many installations have succeeded, some have had significant problems

Macworld: Should You Make the Switch?

Why Mac OS X is more 'bleeding edge' than 'leading edge' - SURPRISINGLY, STEVE JOBS and his merry band were reasonably candid that this version of the new OS will have its flaws. And it's not just the lack of DVD software

Mac OS X: Core Technologies Overview -1 - In this series will be be detailing Mac OS X from a "system overview" perspective. Many readers have never had the

Mac OS X Primer - we're offering a "primer" for Mac OS X. If you've been following coverage of the operating system and know its fundamentals, you can skip this because there's probably nothing you haven't read or seen before. However, if you're unfamiliar with OS X or are a newcomer to the Mac, read on for an overview of what's in store

Columnist: Good reasons for low key OS X rollout - Charles Haddad, who writes the Byte of the Apple column for Business Week Online says the lack of hoopla is to give the market time to catch up to Mac OS X

Qualcomm releases Eudora beta for OS X - Qualcomm Inc. has released a beta version of its Eudora e-mail client for the Macintosh designed to run on Mac OS X. The software has been Carbonized

Panic releases Audion 2.1 PR2 for OS X - Panic has released a new OS X-compatible version of its popular digital music software, Audion. Audion 2.1 PR 2 for Mac OS X is now available for download from links on Panic's Web site

OS X versions of iMovie, iTunes, AppleWorks now out - Making good on its promise to deliver Mac OS X-compatible versions of three cornerstone applications, Apple today released new versions of iTunes, iMovie and AppleWorks. All of them are available for download from a Downloads page on Apple's Web site

Wolfram: Mathematica for Mac OS X coming in July - Wolfram Research has announced that its popular technical computing software Mathematica is coming to Mac OS X. The company said that Mathematica for Mac OS X will be released commercially in July, and customers who buy Mathematica now will be able to upgrade to the OS X version for free

OmniWeb 4.0 for Mac OS X released - OmniWeb for Mac OS X, the Web browser from The Omni Group, has been available in beta form for much longer than Mac users have had access to the public beta. The Omni Group today released the finished version of OmniWeb 4.0 for Mac OS X

Parties, Woz celebrate OS X launch - Stores across the country celebrated the launch of Mac OS X by opening up in the wee hours of the morning

Apple offers mail import scripts for OS X Mail client - Apple has released a package called Mail Import Script to enable Mac OS X users to import mail into the Mail application included with new operating system

Mac OS X - retail version - in this article, we'll look at some of the key differences between the Public Beta and the C$189 retail release

Aestiva brings LiveHelp to OS X - Aestiva LiveHelp, a software product for providing sales and customer support over the Web, is now available for Mac OS X

Zeus Web Server due for Mac OS X - Zeus Web Server due for Mac OS X by Dennis Sellers, March 23, 2001, 9:00 am ET Zeus Technology, a company that develops industrial-strength Web server technologies and solutions, has jumped on the Mac OS X bandwagon and will be bringing its Zeus Web Server to the next generation operating system. In fact, a beta version is already available

MathXpert + Mac OS X, it adds up - MathXpert's Plus Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus learning tools are now available on Mac OS X. The company thinks the advanced features of Mac OS X will make it the premier operating system for the desktop environment

Omnis Studio for OS X available - Omnis Studio is a high-performance visual RAD tool that provides a component-based environment for building graphical user interfaces (GUI) interfaces within e-commerce, database and client/server applications

Helios adds OS X server, client support - Helios Software GmbH, a provider of network and prepress software, has announced that both its server products and client have added support for Mac OS X. Helios expects to ship the updated server software and client support by the time Apple pre-loads Mac OS X onto new Macs this summer

Library automation package coming to OS X - COMPanion Corporation is planning a Carbonized version of its Alexandria library automation software for Mac OS X. Currently in beta testing, it will be released this spring.

Dantz: Retrospect Backup to support Mac OS X - Long-time Mac backup software maker Dantz Development Corp. today announced that its Retrospect Backup software will support Mac OS X

9 Mac OS X Apps To Get You Started - By releasing the PB when they did, Apple gave a whole slew of developers time to get their products ready for OS X, and users a chance to help them work the bugs out. What that means, in plain terms, is that you will be able to be productive with OS X shortly after you get it installed

Network Tools in Mac OS X - One of the things that PeeCee people have always hated about the Mac is the lack of pretty much useless tools. Useless to the casual user anyway. Many of these are indispensable to the tech guy who has to solve their problems however. Most these tools could be found easily on the net, and if you didn't know what you needed or where to look for them, you didn't have to worry about it. But now, with Mac OS X, and probably because of the Darwin kernel, these tools are showing up. One set of tools can be found in a neat package called NetProbe

SimpleX - Mac OS X Visual Guide The Arrival EXposition - All the thumbnails below open in their own window so you don■t have to leave the page. Pay special attention to the demonstration of the Mac OS X 3-Finger-Salute (Command-Option-esc) noted below. You are going to need it!

Mac OS X won't change the world...but it's still a big deal - Until Windows XP ships later this year, it is easy for me to recommend Mac as the ease-of-use champion. I'm telling friends that while there are certainly tradeoffs, if they want a friendly computer, they should buy a Mac

Mac OS X: Built to last? - another feature likely to be well-received, OS X is equipped to manage the amount of memory needed by each program automatically. In the past, Mac owners had to dole out memory to each program themselves. "This is silly," Scott Forstall, director of application frameworks for Apple, said of the old method. "Users don't want to do that."

Apple's special OS X marketing ploy - Jobs strenuously denied industry rumours that Apple will try to entice any of these corporate customers by producing an x86 version of MacOS X to run on PC hardware. So all you folk who have sent emails to the MacOS X on x86 Web site have been wasting your time. Apparently. Acccording to Jobs, Apple is not even keeping an x86 version of Mac OS X warm in some distant lab somewhere: "There is no chance!" he intoned gravely, and this is the man, after all, who killed the Mac clone market to save Apple

Reengineering The Mac Universe - John Garber, chief technology officer at Connectix, the developer of the Windows emulation program Virtual PC, acknowledged a more straightforward reason developers have to be happy about Mac OS X: "It's a new opportunity to sell software."

Is OS X Make or Break for Apple? - Jobs shruggs off the issue of sales and when asked about the economy, points at Apple's $4 billion stockpile of cash. That cash, nearly $12 per share, is worth more than half Apple's current stock price, about $20. "Apple is very strong right now. And it is wonderful, because we can afford these new initiatives without worrying about the short-term effects of the economy," Jobs says

Mac OS X looks like a champ - Although we are bullish about the medium-term impact of Mac OS X on Apple's finances, we expect the product to provide just minor improvements in the company's top and bottom lines in its fiscal second quarter, which ends in March

Apple parades Mac OS X developers - Apple this week announced that it is working with over 10,000 developers to bring applications to the Mac OS. These developers account for over 20,000 individual applications that will work with Mac OS X. Among these applications, Apple indicated that over 350 Mac OS X-compatible applications are available today

OS X to Speak Different - when Apple releases its new operating system, Mac OS X, on Saturday, the software on the installer CD will immediately support seven different languages

Confessions of a Technology Addict and OS X - I really do believe that OSX is the future - fast operation, incredibly intuitive interface, the security of UNIX with the usability of a Mac OS. The monkey WANTS to upgrade to X, but the junkie is skeptical - the new product looks good - pure and uncut - but the needle is dirty.

The Truth About OS X - let■s find out what really is going to be sent out to thousands of customers. First and foremost on people■s minds are bugs in the operating system. Journalists using bootlegged copies of 4K78 have told us that OS X doesn■t boot correctly on Beige G3s, that the OS is slow and buggy, and that running Classic applications is a horrible experience. The final copy of 4K78, however, does not reflect these reports.

OS X: Is the Truth Out There? - Did Apple opt to release a not-so-final G.M. to consumers in an effort to meet its deadline, thus making 4k78 the final for consumers

Anthony Ramos Discusses The Mac OS X Public Beta Testing Process - Many companies imitate Apple. But we all secretly know that knockoffs don■t matter much because they copy the style and miss the substance. Now, with OS X■s brushed aluminum ╦schemeË (a fitting label if there ever was one), the Dock and general emphasis on the eye-catching over the truly useful, Apple seems to be thinking like its imitators. Even worse, the less glamorous, but more important features are getting lost in the discussion

Apple Posts New OS X QuickTime Movies - Users visiting Apple's Mac OS X page can find new movies about the Finder, Toolbar Customization, The Dock (including a demonstration of Apple's latest iTunes "Concert" commercial),, and a number of other aspects of the OS

OS X likely to boost dual-processor systems - given that Apple is getting more 733MHz processors from its chip suppliers, could a dual-processor version of its fastest machine be on the way? "Not right now," Schiller said. "We've got more, but not enough" for that

Jobs Sees OS X As A Player In Enterprise Market - At an Apple-hosted press event here Wednesday to introduce the new Macintosh operating system, Jobs said developers on Java and Unix, which are typically enterprise-level platforms, have shown interest in OS X because it is built on a Unix core and has built-in support for Sun's Java 2 platform.

Mac OS X: What a long, strange trip it's been - On the eve of unveiling its latest generation of Macintoshes, Apple Computer told reporters of something even greater on the horizon: a new version of the Mac operating system that would add a bevy of groundbreaking features. That was seven years ago

Stone Design Ships Stone Studio for Mac OS X - -Stone Design Wednesday announced availability of Stone Studio -- seven applications built to support Mac OS X, Apple's next generation operating system

The Path to OS X Finale: OS X Spreads Its Wings - Fittingly, this release seems less about Steve and more about us. The release isn't broadcast by Keynote at a convention with an "Operators Standing By" feel to it

Preparing For X - With just days before the blessed event, everyone who is planning to upgrade to OS X must surely take a step back away from their excited anticipation and properly prepare for it. There are a lot of important things you need to do to be truly ready for this wondrous OS. From computer hardware, component drivers, to software, to peripherals and peripheral drivers, if you're not fully prepared, your joyous installation can rapidly turn into the ultimate computer nightmare

Jobs: OS X here; updates on the way - Although CD recording and other features aren't ready yet for Mac OS X, updates are coming soon, Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs said Wednesday

X Beta Diary: End of the Line - Apple's Work Is Never Done - In keeping with the spirit of OS X, there are a few bugs left in this, my final Beta Diary.

Road to Mac OS X: Mac OS X and Unix, part III - This week we're looking at the UNIX aspects of Mac OS X -- specifically the ability to run UNIX executable programs under Mac OS X

Free OS X Development - Apple's primary business remains selling hardware, not development tools. Compare this with the Windows world, where major developers are treated like royalty (until MS decides their idea is cool enough to steal), and hobbyists have a wide range of entry points at various costs. Then there's Linux, where the cost starts from free, and tools like CodeWarrior exist for the professional (especially cross-platform) developer. If Apple is to make headway, the Mac has to be the development platform of choice for as many developers as possible, on the off-chance that some will go back to developing first for the Mac

Will a new Apple core make Macs mainstream? - The Mac's desktop is playing catch-up with, and surpassing, some Windows features; OS X has a "dock" that improves on the Windows task bar. The OS X also restores Mac's technical superiority over Windows 95 and its latest successor, Windows Me

OS X Migration Seminar coming to select cities - You're invited to a comprehensive one-day seminar about Apple's newest operating system, though it will help if you live in or near these North American cities: Reston, Toronto, New York, Santa Monica, Boston, or Dallas

Windowing & Visibility in OS X - In this issue of Hot Cocoa, I'll be focussing on one particular area - windowing - and reviewing some of the changes that we can expect to see in OS X, as well as offering some tips for how to get the most out of the new system's windowing capabilities

Macintosh OS X Security Understanding the Platform and Usage - MacOSX is Apple■s latest OS goodie, due to be released on March 24th. This new platform is set to replace MacOS 9 and lower on most, or all, existing G3 and G4 systems. The UNIX based operating system is born of BSD heritage and contains much of the original UNIX code while modified extensively to work in the Macintosh■s user friendly GUI. Because of it UNIX base, MacOSX now enters into a Brave New World of Security Models

Fire: OS X's red-hot instant messaging application - We take a look at the latest release of Eric Peyton's "Fire", the Cocoa instant messaging application for OS X that's set the IM world on, er, Fire... And as a exclusive, we include an interview with the man himself, Eric Peyton

Reinventing Macintosh - Will Mac OS X give Apple a leg up into enterprise networks? Hopefully thinking different will eventually pay off

Will OS X help Apple reclaim the education market? - Earlier this year Dell overtook Apple in the education computer market, according to a study by the International Data Corporation research group. Can our favorite computer bounce back in this market?

Apple (UK and Ireland) - Mac OS X - Training - XPlorIT, a training company based at Apple■s UK headquarters in Middlesex, offers reseller and customer training on a wide range of subjects, including MacˇOSˇX.

Apple to introduce remote desktops, x86 access clients on MacOS X - Apple intends to utilise new capabilties in its near-release next generation operating system to enable a new class of multi-user remote access devices, and intends to market such a device itself, which will be based on an AMD x86 chip

Apple preps AMD-based thin client - Sounds too good to be true? It may well be. The article provides no attribution for the information on which it's based. The only evidence it offers is MacOS X's ability - thanks to its Unix core - to host multiple, remotely connected users, something MacOS X Server used as the basis for its NetBoot facility

Prep Your Mac for OSˇX - March 24th marks what may be the biggest turning point for the Mac operating system since its introduction in 1984. If you haven't already installed the OSˇX Public Beta on your system, the transition may not be pretty. That's where this article comes into play

Apple offers taste of upcoming OS X - Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing, on Thursday explained some of the features that will be available in the new operating system, as well as changes since September's public preview release

The Inevitable War: Apple vs. Microsoft, Part II - Apple faces two choices: porting X to x86 or not. For its part, Microsoft gets to choose between retaliating and ignoring Apple.

The Path to OS X Part Twelve: This Might Hurt A Little... - And so now we get the bad news. If the debut, the jazzy interface, the slick feeling of a new OS and just the very existance of the system was our warm fuzzy, then prepare for the cold, wet, squishy realizations to follow. That we're on a course to debut a not-ready-for-primetime system on an unsuspecting (and largely unforgiving) audience and it might be LATE

Terminal-Tips: 'df' and 'du' - In MacOS X, Linux, or Darwin, if you would like a quick idea of the free space on your drives and partitions, try the command line program df. It quickly displays the number of total bytes on a partition, the number used, and the percentage of space used

Running with Apple's big cats - It's been years since my last neuropsychology class, but I get the distinct impression that Daniel Drew Turner and I struck a nerve with our story revealing some of the rough spots in the forthcoming 1.0 release of Mac OS X

Road testing Apple's new operating system - "You have to log in," said Hackberry. "This is Unix; a real operating system." He tilted his head forward and peered at me over his glasses. "Get used to it," he said.

AE5 Not Carbonized for OSX - Last week Adobe announced After Effects 5. This new version includes the ability to do 3D compositing, vector paint tools, Flash output, 16-bit resolution, and improved workflow and speed. While all of these improvements and features poise AE5 to be the "must have software of the season," one sentence on the Adobe site seems to have certain people up in arms; Mac OS Software Version 9.0.4, 9.1, or OS X Classic

Programming Mac OS X with Cocoa - assumes that the student already knows the C programming language and an object-oriented language like Java. Students are not expected to have any experience programming Macs before. The class is intensive, and the student should be prepared to work hard

Mac OS X Beta Diary: Rumors and Truth

Windows XP vs. Mac OS X - On Tuesday, Bill Gates introduced the world to the next version of Windows -- Windows XP. I'm not going to make judgments and say that Microsoft copied particular Mac OS X features, but there are a few too many similarities between the two operating systems to be coincidental. Instead the theme throughout this article will be that Microsoft used some of Mac OS X's features as inspiration for particular Windows XP components

Introduction to Darwin - Mac OS X is based upon a *nix kernel called Darwin, and that is what makes OS X so great. Yet you, as a long time Mac user, don't have a clue as to what this really means or how to take advantage of it. Well, read on and we'll run you through the basics and teach you how to handle the basic *nix stuff

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