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Introduction to Darwin Part II

Why OS X Will Work - What the computer user really wants is the kind of interface that is new, radical and incredibly easy to use, even if they don't know it yet. How many novices knew in 1984 that they needed a GUI?

The End of the Mac as We Know It - I will let you know now that I don't care for Windows; it just doesn't work the way I do. However, it has some advantages -- and many of those are used in OS X

You Can Live Without Mac OS X - If you are a professional user or any type of power user, however, you may feel reluctant about switching to OS X as soon as it is released. Why? You have been using Macs for several years now. You have been using the same software, from version to version, for ages. As of now, nothing guarantees (at least formally) that if you install Mac OS X on your hard drive in March or April, that 100% of your goodies will be fully compatible

The Path to OS X Part Ten (X?): Novice Shoes - We're weeks until the unveiling and it's worth looking at what the public knows and expects from OS X, after all they're the ones that will make or break the OS, not the already converted.

The Gist: In The New Beginning Was The Command Line Price TBA - OS X is destined over the next year to become Apple's default software for everything from iBooks to G4s, and I couldn't be happier. Sure, it has its critics: The operating system's whizzy interface forces longtime Mac users to relearn buttons and menus, while its Unix kernel irks Linux zealots with violations of the open source creed. But as soon as my PowerBook greeted me with the Unix command line, I pretty much forgot the backlash. I used Unix every day for 15 years, so this was like seeing a dear workmate after years away from the job

Mac OS X: Barreling Toward Release - The wait is nearly over. Mac OS X, Apple's next-generation operating system, is either six months, one year, three years, or over five years late, depending on which of Apple's official announcements of a next-generation OS you begin counting from

Mac OS X to the rescue? - Simple, elegant and stunning. Not exactly the words most people use to describe a computer operating system, but then again, most people don't work for Apple

Add Highlight Colors in MacOS X - Apple provides seven colors for your use, but this simple edit provided by Jeff Frey will show you how to add as many additional colors as you wish

Mac OS X Beta Diary: Fear of Software - The release of Mac OS X is only weeks away, and I'm filled with excited anticipation -- as well as fear. My excitement stems from months of hearing representatives of various software companies say, "We'll have that application out around the same time the final version of Mac OS X ships."

Preparations for MacOS X - Now that Apple has announced a date for OS X to ship, anyone who has been putting off preparations for its release needs to make sure they and their offices are ready. If you are already planning a migration to OS X, now is the time to get your systems properly equipped to handle the new operating system.

Apple Alters Mac OS X in Latest Builds - Apple has been pumping out at least a couple of builds of their next-generation Mac OS X operating system each day, as of late. The company will apparently continue to do so for the next two weeks, at which time the operating system is expected to go golden master and be frozen for release

Mac Suits Up For Business - Long ignored as a business option, the Macintosh is achieving interoperability and improved performance through better software from Microsoft and Apple, making the Mac a more viable choice for the desktop than it has ever been

Road to Mac OS X: UNIX and OS X, part I - This week we're looking at the UNIX aspects of Mac OS X -- specifically the ability to run UNIX executable programs under Mac OS X

Mac Creator Raskin Comes Down Hard on OS X - The man responsible for conceiving and implementing the project that delivered the first complete graphical user interface OS to market, Jef Raskin, has recently found himself out of favor in the Mac community

Your Games...and OS X - In this column, I am going to focus on one thing: games. Specifically, how your collection of games will work on OS X

Apple product manager discusses recent OS X build - In the latest build of Mac OS X -- the one demoed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at this month's Macworld San Francisco -- all the major components of the user interface were affected in one way or another, Chris Bourdon, Apple's Mac OS X product marketing manager, Mac OS X, told MacCentral

Ever seen the Dock on the right-hand side of the desktop? - "I'm enclosing a screen capture of a functionality change that was not annonunced at San Francisco, this is the possibility of setting the Dock vertically against the sides of the desktop

Mac OS X: PHP/pear problem FIX! - I just wanted to let everyone know that I have successfully built Apache 1.3.17 and PHP 4.04pl1 as a DSO on Mac OS X Public Beta 1H39 (AKA Darwin)

Jobs: Switch to OS X will be gradual, but steady - During Apple's semi-annual meeting for financial analysts Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that Apple expects most of its customers to switch to Mac OS X this year, but at different points depending on their individual needs

Macworld report: Big news for Macintosh enthusiasts - Mac OS X will move Java on the Mac from also-ran to serious contender

Introduction to Mac OS X - Macintosh OS X is a true multi-user system, in both the consumer and professional sense. As a consumer, you see the ability to maintain multiple users on a system as a multi-user system; and OS X handles that very efficiently and very securely. However, the true sense of a mutli-user system is its ability to be used by multiple users simultaneously and Macintosh OS X can support this in a terminal environment

Road to Mac OS X: More surprises for evolving OS - he newly released Mac OS 9.1 will be the Classic environment in the finished version of X. Currently, 9.1 and the public beta of X aren't simpatico. Also, if you're planning on buying one of the new Macs unveiled in San Francisco, take note: the public beta won't run on them.

Mac OS X - OmniWeb Updated, Offers Several Improvements - The OS X geniuses at The Omni Group have updated their outstanding OS X only Web browser, OmniWeb, to version 4.0b9

Mac OS X Solidifies at Macworld Expo - The thrust of Steve Jobs's keynote at Macworld Expo last week in San Francisco may have been to position the Macintosh as the hub for today's digital lifestyle, but equally important in the speech were the details Jobs provided about Mac OS X 1.0.

Mac OS X Public Beta - Charging for public beta software is increasingly common among the big software companies. I paid for my copy, and it doesn't bother me too much. If you don't want to pay for buggy software, don't buy the beta

Reacting to the Mac OS X - With OS X, the Mac OS finally catches up with the rest of the operating system world. It gains many features that make it immediately appealing to a wider range of people than the "classic" Mac OS

The Age of Everyman Tech: Jobs' Compromise Completes Apple OS X - At Macworld SF, the OS X police witnessed something that the intolerant are rarely able to stomach: Humble Pie

Macromedia president talks Mac OS X - Mac OS X software will land by summer, longtime Mac developer Macromedia Inc. took the stage at last week's Macworld Expo here to promise new versions of its core multimedia apps for Apple's next-generation OS.

WebObjects 4.5.1 on Mac OS X - If you're near San Francisco, come see it fly on a dual-processor PowerMac G4 running Mac OS X, using the new Project Builder! WebObjects 5 for Java will be available in early 2001, soon after Mac OS X ships

Messiah Coming to Mac OS X - Character studio, animator and renderer expected in second quarter

Mathematica coming to OS X - Wolfram Research will bring Mathematica, its technical computing system, to Mac OS X

4th Dimension goes X - 4D Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3, demonstrated 4th Dimension 6.7 running on Mac OS X last week at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. 4D 6.7 is a Web application development environment

Macintosh and Open Source, Part 2 - Apple is promoting Darwin heavily as the basis for a new open source operating system, and it's doing all the right things to achieve that goal

Metrowerks tools up for OS X - Development tool maker Metrowerks Inc. -- the company often credited with saving Apple Computer Inc.'s bacon by equipping third parties for the transition from the Mac's original 680x0 architecture to the PowerPC -- is again in the spotlight as Apple prepares its leap to the Unix-based Mac OS X

Apple sweats Mac OS X details - While Apple Computer Inc.'s plethora of high-profile hardware announcements hold pride of place at this week's Macworld Expo here, CEO Steve Jobs' keynote update on the status of Mac OS X will prove at least as strategically significant to the future of the platform

Microsoft Suite on OS X - Apple's Mac OS X got a big boost on Wednesday when Microsoft said it will ship its Office productivity suite for the new operating system in the fall

SimpleX: Repairing Mac OS X - I will stick out my neck and insist that it is critical that you repair MOSX every time it crashes. You won't regret it

XFree86 fixed to run alongside MacOS X's Aqua - MacOS X users keen to run X Window applications under the next-generation Apple OS' own GUI, Aqua, are now a major step closer to being able to do so

Apple Widens Mac OS X Code - Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU Project, said that previous versions of APSL had "three fatal flaws, any of which makes (the) license unacceptable."

How To Uninstall OS X Beta - Some Mac users have had questions about uninstalling OS X beta. The installer has no uninstall option and so far Apple has not released any information in their TIL files about uninstalling. We decided to uninstall our copy to see just what it would involve.

Dump LinuxPPC for MacOS X? - If you own a Mac, you have several choices of operating systems to run. The default, and therefore most popular, OS is Apple's MacOS. But whether you're aware of it or not, there are other operating systems that will run on your platform. LinuxPPC, DebianPPC, and Yellow Dog Linux all will run on Mac hardware

Damn Mac OS X! Damn Mac OS X to Hell! - udging from the sentiment expressed in various online forums by many of the Mac faithful, one would think that Apple is destined for extinction because of its adoption of the unthinkable: the command-line interface

Road to Mac OS X: Carbon versus Cocoa - This week at the request of several readers, we're going to look at the differences of Carbon and Cocoa. Both are programming/developing environments. End users won't, as a rule, be able to differentiate between applications developed in the environments, but Carbon and Cocoa are definitely two different critters

Is the world ready for OS X? - Sure, we've been waiting for this for this for years. But Mac users should brace themselves. The transition is not going to be an easy one. First and foremost, Mac users will have to adjust to a new way of doing things. It'll be fun and exciting for many of us. For others, it will be a slow and daunting task

[Reader Comment on OS X and Older Macs] And Now For Some Real Numbers! - We have just received some sensible and informed comments on just how many older Macs may or may not be OS X-ready and are pleased to post them for you now

Top UI Grievances of MacOS X - there have been many grievances with the changes Apple has made. This article will not preach the necessity of the changes but rather try to explain why Apple has chosen to make the following alterations

Deneba has committed serious resources to bring Canvas to Mac OS X

OS X to support mLAN tech - Apple has revealed it is to support Yamahažs FireWire-based mLAN technology in Mac OS X

XFree86 4.0.2 Released - Enhancements to the 4.0 base release - Darwin/Mac OS X is now supported and the X server runs on PowerPC

IntelliCAD and OS X: porting options and the ITC - With all of the rumors, wishes and interest in better Autocad compatibility and Autocad for OS X, it was refreshing to read this interesting suggestion

SimpleX: Mac OS X TweaX, TriX & HaX 101 - SimpleX: Mac OS X TweaX, TriX & HaX 101 By Derek Currie Nothing up my sleeve: PRESTO! Here are some fun tweaks, tricks and hacks for Mac OS X beta 1

Mac OS X and Backwards Compatibility - Carbon is one of the most amazing technical achievements by Apple in the development of OS X. It was originally brought about by developer reluctance in coding solely for the Cocoa API. Faced with the prospect of a developer revolt, Apple developed Carbon as a solution

OS X Open Architecture - The thing which has always puzzled me about those who are so keen to port the Mac OS in whatever form to another architecture is where they think the applications are going to come from

Mac OS X Beta Diary: Advantage Apple - The Complaints Don't Hold Water -- Mac OS X Has the Feel of a Winner

The Path to OS X Part Four: Sideshow Skirmishes - OS X is still a couple of months away from full impact, but the rumble can be heard right now. As pride and praise over OS X flower in the outside world, creativity and tempers flare in our Mac community.

Should OS X Be Dumbed Down? - A while back, I mentioned that I lurk on a few mailing lists that discuss things related to OS X. Lately, one list has been abuzz with discussion concerning whether or not our favorite Aquafied OS should be, well, dumbed down so as not to confuse the Mac-loving idiots among us

Road to Mac OS X: Mac OS X books, products a'comin' - If you need a guide to navigating Mac OS X, don't worry. You'll have plenty from which to choose. And more and more Mac OS X related shareware products are becoming available

The Path to OS X Part Three: Command Who? - Command line. GUI. Classic. Dock. Aqua. Carbon. Are these words we should be scared of? Should we give pause before we write them in the dictionary next to our beloved Finder, Apple Menu, Font Suitcase and Trashcan? Do we just throw open the doors to our Mac-lexicon and march in the new troops?

Interview: OS X - the anticipation of MacOS X is reaching a fever pitch. The buzzwords: "preemptive multitasking," "protected memory" and "Aqua." Rest assured, Graphisoft R&D took immediate steps to prepare ArchiCAD to take advantage of all this next generation operating system has to offer.

Random Reflections on OS X - The Clock is nice, especially in Analog mode, but I miss the clock in the menu bar. The Dock just doesn't quite cut it for a clock location. Apple probably won't fix it, but a third-party developer already has, albeit for $12

Unix Coming to a Mac Near You, Part 2 - To understand Apple's latest decisions behind Mac OS X and its impact, it's necessary to examine Mac OS X, Unix, and the industry as a whole.

Running MacOS X Public Beta on a Wallstreet PowerBook: A Retrospective - I've been using MacOS X Public Beta for about 2 months now on my Wallstreet PowerBook. It's the best OS I've ever used and I've used a few

Joys and Sorrows of the Mac OS X - I had the same reaction to Mac OS X that a lot of people have had -- how the heck do I make it work?


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