PowerDomain 2940UW SCSI Accelerator


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Below you will find results for the Adaptec PowerDomain 2940UW SCSI Accelerator installed on a 9500/200 and attached to a IBM UltraStar IIXP 4.2GB ultra wide SCSI drive (SCSI 3). The PowerDomain card supports SCSI 1, Fast SCSI (SCSI 2) - 8 and 16 bit and Ultra SCSI (SCSI 3) - 8 and 16 bit. The card is capable of up to 40 Mbyte/sec synchronous burst rate and 133 Mbyte/sec maximum burst rate. The card supports up to 15 attached SCSI devices. MacBench results should be thought of as comparative and NOT as absolute.

MacBench 4.0 General Disk Tests

MacBench 4.0 Individual Disk Read/Write Tests

MacBench 4.0 Video Tests

Real World Tests

Time to copy folder of 1,000 items and 70MB in size (percentage of time difference)

Time to save 10MB file to drive (percentage of time difference)


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