Sending Benchmarks

Share Your Benchmarks With Other Mac Users.

I am always in the process of expanding the benchmark database at MacSpeedZone and am looking for useful benchmarks to add. Specifically I am interested in benchmarks of:

    *Any accelerator enhanced machines (upgrade cards, clock chipped etc),
    *Machines with additional L2 Cache or VRAM installed
    *Any additional drives or peripherals you have tested
    * MacBench 5.0 results for any machine for which there are not yet 5.0 results at the site or other results for any missing machine
    *Any other hardware or software enhancement you have performed and that can be tested for.

The site is based on the benchmarking program MacBench. If you have any results that are missing from the site that you would like to share, send them along with a benchmark of your base machine before you installed the enhancement and any pertinent information about the configuration. If you have not done any testing yet but would like to, visit the "Test Your Machine Page" for details on testing and obtaining the software.

You will need to STUFF YOUR MACBENCH FILES BEFORE SENDING THEM. If you don't they will arrive as text files instead of source files.

David Engstrom