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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X which includes both server and client versions. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. All of the links on this page are from the OS X pre-announcement and pre-release days. Visit this page for up to date information on OS X

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No printer drivers in sight for OS X - Mac OS X Public Beta may be in hand, but be prepared to wait some time before you can print to a desktop USB printer.

X in Pictures: The Aqua environment

OS X in Pictures: System preferences

OS X in Pictures: Applications and utilities

Mac OS X: Mixed Bag of Feelings - I saw my hands quivering in anticipation as I placed that disc with a big, Aqua "X" in my CD-ROM drive. Having the public beta copy of Mac OSX was probably the most exciting thing ever ... for the most part anyway

Apple turns over new leaf - After years of tinkering with the bodywork of its Macintosh computers, the engineers at Apple Computer Inc. are popping open the hood.

How Mac OS X can reshape computing - if Mac OS X is successfully launched and accepted by the marketplace, the computing world will basically have moved on to the next chapter, closing the Windows 95 era of things and moving on to the mature, segmented computing market.

Icons of Mac OS X - Application icons--those small bit-maps that you click on to launch a Mac program--are due for big changes in Mac OS X, but Apple is having trouble getting some developers to buy into its vision of depicting programs as scalable, photorealistic images measuring up to 128 by 128 pixels

Could MacOS X Be 'Holy Grail'? - "The tools for development are extremely good, extremely finished," Devine said. "Linux and NT also have great tools and there are other advantages, but the combination of a great server and the development tools make Mac OS X better than the other platforms."

Apple Releases Beta Version of Its Mac OS X - A preview of the Mac OS X beta showed Aqua to be visually stunning, with updated, more detailed graphics, and easy to navigate. And, at least on a G4 Power Cube system provided by Apple, it refused to crash.

OS X Public Beta Requirements - Before you head blindly for the Apple Store to get your hot little hands on the Mac OS X public beta, there are a few things to consider Ĝ like whether you have the constitution to handle a beta, and whether your system has enough juice

Mac OS X: Included Applications - When you install Mac OS X Public Beta, one of the first things that you're going to want to do is check out the programs that Apple included with it. Here's a brief rundown on what you'll find

MacAddict's Unofficial Mac OS X FAQ - Mac OS X Public Beta is going to inspire a lot of questions, so we've thought of a few beforehand to provide answers

PowerBooks and Mac OS X - no one really talked about was how Mac OS X would perform on a portable. Until now

Mac OS X: The Full Story - Mac OS X: The Full Story Here's a complete overview of Apple's new operating system, from Aqua to pre-emptive multitasking

The Command-Line Jockey's Guide To The OS X Public Beta - most Mac users probably will have little or nothing to do with the BSD layer in Mac OS X! Still, the ease-of-use-conscious geeks that have been flitting between Mac OS and Linux for the past decade will probably flock to Mac OS X

SimpleX PDF Is Pretty Darned Fun - it costs Apple nothing to add PDF into Mac OS X. So long Display PostScript! As a result Mac OS X will cost significantly less than Mac OS X Server

OS X: The Good - When it comes to looking for the good bits of OS X, you don't have to look too far Ĝ Mac OS has finally grown up

OS X: The Bad - we're deeply impressed with Mac OS X PB; for a beta it's simply an impressive piece of work. That said, there are some very good reasons for the word "Beta" in the title

OS X: The Ugly - we were very impressed by OS X PB, but there were a few design decisions and weirdnesses about the new system that left us scratching our heads

Mac OS X Public Beta Reviewed - Mac OS X is an unlikely but very attractive marriage of industrial-strength operating system and ultrasimple, ultrafriendly user interface. It's still rough around the edges

A look at the public beta - Here's a rundown of some key features in the public beta

Installing the public beta - If you're a red-blooded Mac user, you're probably itching to test the Mac OS X public beta. However, before you plunge into the new OS, here are some steps you should take to ensure a positive experience

Mac OSX screen shots

Mac OS X beta's grab bag of apps - esides the complement of core OS tools supposedly on tap for the public beta of Mac OS X, the new software will reportedly arrive at this week's Apple Expo in Paris bearing a number of utilities, applications and extras.

What should we expect from Mac OS X Beta? - Ever since I started using Mac OS 7.1, I've been waiting for OS X. Stability, fixes, speed, and multi-tasking draw me to Apple's next generation OS like a moth to a porch light

OS Xing: Prelude to Mac OS X Public Beta - The Public Beta will be four months more advanced than Developer Preview 4, which was released at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in May. When you consider the size of the OS engineering team at Apple, you can expect a lot of improvements and additions in that time

Building an OS X beta team - With Apple's announcement that the public beta of Mac OS X will be available on September 13, Mac network administrators will be thrown into the same swamp that Windows and other platform administrators have dealt with for a while now: How to handle users with a public beta of an OS

Mac OS X Server 1.2 - Let me begin my review by saying that if Mac OS X Server were a person I would advise it to see a psychiatrist.

Mac OS X Server 1.2 - let me begin my review by saying that if Mac OS X Server were a person I would advise it to see a psychiatrist.

Moving to OS X: Imaging in Quartz (and 3-D) - Quartz, in a sense, is Apple's "secret sauce," one of the primary features that will distinguish Mac OS X applications from those that run on other platforms.

OSX Installation security measures - This document outlines some security measures for the Mac OS X Server 1.0 - 1.2 platform. While Mac OS X Server (OSXS) is a fairly secure environment out of the box, these basic measures help create a more secure computing environment.

SimpleX Computing at Mach Speed - So you'd think NeXT just grabbed any old UNIX and went to work, right? Nope, they went of the best. They went for Mach

iGeek: Unix and Mac OS X - This is where OS X comes in. Here, Apple is creating an entire operating system. It has its foundation in Unix, and will use much of the Unix lower levels, but it is much more than that. Most of the Unix foundation, along with some value-added Apple technologies, lies in Darwin. But relatively few people will buy Macs just to run Darwin

Embracing OS X: Why I Wonıt Miss the Macintosh Desktop Metaphor - Iım not one of those who consider the Macintosh desktop to be the crowning achievement in computer user interface design. When tricked out with pop-up windows of deeply buried folders, the classic Finder works pretty well. However, going beyond the desktop is a real drag

Road to Mac OS X: Omnis Studio coming to X - Omnis Studio is a high-performance visual RAD tool that provides a component-based environment for building graphical user interfaces (GUI) interfaces within e-commerce, database and client/server applications. When used with the company's Web Client plug-in technology, Omnis Studio allows the development of client/server relationships over the Internet using the common Web browsers

VectorWorks for OS X - Architosh founder and editor, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, discusses the future of the number one Macintosh CAD program on Mac OS X, Apple's next-generation operating system, with Sean Flaherty, CTO, of Nemetschek, North America (formerly Diehl Graphsoft).

OS Xing: Realbasic for Mac OS X - I was pleased to discover Realbasic by Real Software. This "visual, object-oriented Basic development environment for Macintosh" was exactly what I was looking for. And Realbasic isn't just for the Classic Mac OS anymore. For the past few months, Real Software has made an Alpha release for Mac OS X available for download

The Network Manager: X on X, at last - if I had to pick the one announcement that received almost no press, and yet is of critical importance to Mac OS X, it would have to be Tenon Intersystems' announcement of an X Windows package for Mac OS X

It's Going to be a Rough Ride - In reality, Mac OS X isn't the tenth Mac OS. It's really Macintosh 2.0--a completely new construction that, while familiar in form and function, is about as closely related to the Mac OS you know and love as you are to a ring-tailed lemur

MacOS X Revamped: Form AND Function Please - The subject will be the new user interface shown in developers' previews 3 and 4 of MacOs X

Developers Brace For Mac OS X - third-party developers are bracing for the radical change the new OS will mean for their products.

Aqua X Window Desktop in development - Tenon Intersystems, a Mac OS Web server developer, plans to offer a fully integrated X Desktop for Mac OS X, which is designed to provide "seamless integration" between an X Window display environment and Mac applications

OS X Brings UNIX Stability To The Mac - Mac OS X brings to the table a preemptive multitasking system. This means the kernel schedules time to each (process) application and governs how much time it is allotted. The kernel will also assign address space to the application. The application will not be allowed to write outside of this without the kernel taking action. This protected memory environment will change everything for Mac users.

Writing a speech recognition app. in carbon - With the advent of G4 supercomputers, the anxiously awaited Unix Mach kernel-based Mac OS X operating system, multimedia capabilities, and speech recognition, perhaps we are within the grasp of Krell technology

Mac OS X Terms and Definitions - by Michael J. Norton and Derrick Story 07/13/2000 A brand new operating system certainly demands a whole new set of terms to describe it

Moving to OS X: A taste of Cocoa - OpenStep is represented by Cocoa, a set of APIs and development tools that Apple intends as the platform for creating new Mac OS X applications that won't run on earlier versions of the OS.

Unix and Mac OS X differences - a look at the differences between Mac OS X and Unix

Unix and Mac OS X Part II - a look at the differences between Mac OS X and Unix

How secure is Mac OS X? - we will deal with the dark side of security, namely the new, fun ways that Mac OS X can potentially hurt you if you aren't aware of certain security issues.

MacWeek - Moving to OS X: A bridge made of Carbon - Carbon is a software specification that will provide a bridge to Mac OS X

MacAddict - Does OS X preview Appleıs future product line - Apple has given possible clues to what could be coming down the pike, which could justify the things Mac users are complaining about. Using Mac OS X as a template, letıs try to sneak peak future Apple productsû

MacWeek - OS Xing: CodeWarrior for Mac OS X - The developer community has been mostly quiet about plans to migrate applications to Carbon for Mac OS X. A few developers have stepped forward announcing plans, but for most, these haven't been more than promises without details. Why? Developers have been waiting for clarity from Apple Computer and Metrowerks.

MacWeek - Moving to OS X: A new Finder - Along with almost every other aspect of the Mac OS X, the Finder in Apple's next-generation operating system is a different creature from the one we know in the current Mac OS.

MacWeek - Plunging into Aqua - When Mac users gather around the water cooler this fall to discuss Apple's next-generation operating system, they probably won't spend much time debating resource forks or Unix processes or other technical aspects of Mac OS X. Instead, they'll be arguing the pros and cons of the Dock and its new approach to accessing files

MacWeek - Moving to OS X - Mac OS X represents a radical shift from Mac OS 9.x and all of its predecessors. Some of the changes, notably the modern OS features such as preemptive multitasking and protected memory, will be immediately welcome. Others will take time to get used to

Applelinks - The Historical Roots of MacOS X - What the heck is that "BSD" stuff, anyway?

MacWeek - Mac OS Xing: Looking back at WWDC 2000 - Here are some facts about DP4 uncovered during the conference

Go2Mac - Mac OS X on a PowerBook - This article will guide you through the process of installing and running Mac OS X DP4 on a PowerBook G3

MacCentral - Developers speak on OS X and game technology - What does the future hold for game development on the Mac? went to some of the most prominent game developers on the Mac OS platform to get a better understanding of their questions, comments and concerns

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