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July 25th

Think MP Baby! Power Mac G4 (Summer 2000) Information Page

July 24th

Snow White and the 4 iMacs - Specifications, general information and discussion on Apple's latest round of iMacs

Sunday, July 23, 2000

The Performance Edge: PowerLogix Announces Two Upgrades For G3 PowerBooks And We Look At The Price/Performance Equation - PowerLogix has come out with two upgrades for G3 PowerBooks. The cards, called the BlueChip by PowerLogix, replace the stock card.

July 21th

Think Small, Think Square, Think Cube - Specifications, general information and discussion on Apple's newly unveiled G4 Cube.

The Resurrected Mac: Combating SCSI Voodoo And The Case Of The 57 Year Old Hard Drive - The word voodoo is used when it comes to SCSI chains, because sometimes setting things up as advertised isn't quite successful. Drives don't show up, you get frequent crashes, or data ends up damaged.

The Mac/Windows Rosetta Stone: Getting Macs On The Internet- Again One Less Restart To Do - As in Windows, there are two basic ways to connect to the Internet: via a modem and via a network that has an Internet connection

Apple Confidential: "I had given Steve greater power than he had ever had and I had created a monster." - The Jobs/Sculley Relationship - If you're a Macintosh true believer, you probably remember John Sculley as the man who ripped the heart out of Apple when he dethroned its folk-hero founder, Steve Jobs, in 1985. If you're an investor, you probably remember him as the shrewd businessman who guided and grew Apple through many difficult years only to suffer the same fate he had visited upon Jobs

July 19th

Motorola StarMax 3000/180 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 Processor Upgrades

FTP Benchmark Rumble - Latest FTP clients pitted against eachother and the two leading web browsers.

July 15th

New question on our contest page and another chance to win that three peice speaker system from Monsoon or a copy of Mixman studio from Beatnik. Swing by and enter!

July 14th

We plan on running some FTP client benchmarks over the weekend. If you have a favorite client you would like us to test send a note to Don@macspeedzone and I'll try to fit it in.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

The Mac/Windows Rosetta Stone: Networking On A Mac - One Less Restart To Do - Configuring a Macintosh to communicate with other Macs on the same network using AppleTalk is extremely easy.

The Resurrected Mac: How To Organize A SCSI Chain - Should You Leave Connected SCSI Devices On All The Time - If you follow a few basic setup procedures, you should be able to get most SCSI chains to work properly - most of the time, that is. Here are a few of the basics to consider:

July 11th

Product Watch: 3dfx Gives Mac Users A Little Voodoo! - We give you the specs on two Mac specific graphics cards from 3dfx due out next month.

Sunday, July 9, 2000

Power Macintosh 6500/275  Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 Processor Upgrades

July 8th

PowerBase 240 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 And G4 Processor Upgrades

The Performance Edge: Newer Drops Prices On Many Of It's Processor Upgrades - The New Price/Performance Equation!

July 7th

The Resurrected Mac: Why A FireWire Drive May Slow Down, And The Cure! - You can never quite predict the things that'll make a hard drive misbehave. A case in point was a mysterious performance slowdown with the FireWire drives I have

The X Files: Mac OS X News And Information From Around The Web - we update this resource with numerous new links

July 6th

The Mac/Windows Rosetta Stone: Networking Macintosh Style - Networking Windows Style - The Network control panel in Windows offers settings for every conceivable aspect of Windows networking. On the Macintosh, the same features are scattered among several different control panels

July 3rd

Product Watch: An MP3 Player That Supports Up To 340MB Of Storage? Blame It On Rio! - We give you the low down on the newly released Rio 600

July 2nd

The Performance Edge: Save 50$ On Your Next G3 Upgrade - What Sonnets Price Cuts Mean To You - Sonnet has come out with a series of prices cuts on its G3 upgrade cards

July 1st

iMac G3/333 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 Processor Upgrades

June 30th

The Resurrected Mac: Optimizing Your Hard Drive - Is It Really Necessary? - The theory goes that as you add and remove files from your Mac's drive, the little pieces that files are made of become more and more scattered across the drive. This is called fragmentation, and if there is enough of it, your hard drive will take longer to access the files. That's the theory anyway.

June 29th

The Mac/Windows Rosetta Stone: The Mac Hard Drive Setup Versus The Windows Hard Drive Setup - Although hard disk technology is essentially the same on both PCs and Macs, there are a number of differences.

June 26th

Product Watch: X-Rated Upgrades! Sonnet Announces OS X Compatability And A 500MHz G4 Card

June 24th

Umax SuperMac C500/180 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 Processor Upgrades

June 23rd

The Resurrected Mac: Why Bad Things Happen When You Don't Shut Your Mac Down Properly! - When you shut down or restart your Mac, it goes through a few seconds of disk action, which writes files stored in the drive's cache and the disk cache you set in your Memory Control Panel. It also does other bookkeeping chores that keep your Mac's file system up to date. Bad things may happen if you don't do the normal shutdown routine

June 22nd

The Mac/Windows Rosetta Stone: When It Comes To Searching The Internet, Windows Provides No Competition - Microsoft's feature for searching on the Internet is really only a link to the web page you've defined as your search site. Mac OS 8.5 and later, on the other hand, lets you search a wide variety of Internet sites from within the Mac OS itself

June 17th

Motorola StarMax 3000/160 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 And G4 Processor Upgrades

June 16th

The Resurrected Mac: Do You Know What Your Drive Is Up To When Your Not Watching? The Mysteries Of Your Multi-Gigabyte Hard Drive Explained! - Data on your Mac's drive isn't all stored in one piece. It's divided into little segments, and depending on how big the file is, and how much space is available on the drive, it may be stored in different spots all across the drive.

June 15th

New question on our Contest Page and one last chance to win the FireWire CD burner from LaCie!

The Mac/Windows Rosetta Stone: Sherlock Runs Rings Around Windows Find Command - Windows provides utilities for finding files of folders on your computer, computers on your network, information on the Internet, and people. On the Macintosh, you use Sherlock (Mac OS 8.5 and later) or Find (previous systems) to achieve the same purpose

June 10th

PowerBase 200 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 And G4 Processor Upgrades

June 8th

The Performance Edge: "Help iMac Processor Upgrades Are Taking Over The Planet!" - The Price/Performance Equation For PowerLogix's New iMac Upgrades - PowerLogix comes out with two upgrades for iMacs.....we're surprised as you are!

The Resurrected Mac: When PC Viruses Infect A Mac - Protecting Yourself From Cross-Platform And PC Viruses - The nice thing about Microsoft Office programs is that you can view and edit them on both the Mac and Windows platforms.The nasty thing is that they make Macs vulnerable to infection by the thousands of macro viruses that infect such applications as Excel and Word

Power Macintosh 6400/200 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 Processor Upgrades

June 7th

The Mac/Windows Rosetta Stone: File Sharing The Macintosh Way - With Windows 95, Microsoft added file sharing, which has been a feature of the Mac OS for years. With file sharing, you can mount a remote shared folder as a disk on your Desktop and use it just as you would any other disk.

June 4th

The Performance Edge: PowerLogix Cuts Prices On Their Top Of The Line G4 & G3 Upgrades - The New Price Performance Equation

We have updated our "Machine Performance Generator" with all the latest Macs

June 3rd

Power Macintosh 6400/200 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 Processor Upgrades

June 2nd

The Resurrected Mac: You Are Not Immune! A Cautionary Tale Of A Mac Virus - Even when you buy commercial software in a reputable store, check it anyway.

June 1st

New Question on our contest page anda new prize. This month we are giving away a Firewire CD-RW drive from LaCie and Spell Catcher 8 from Casady & Greene.

The Mac/Windows Rosetta Stone: Is The Windows File Menu More Flexible Than The Macintosh's? - the contents of the Windows File menu change radically depending on what's selected - that's not true on the Macintosh