The Mac OS vs Windows OS's
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PowerPC vs Pentium

The Graphs below compare PowerPC based systems to their Pentium and Pentium Pro counterparts. Testing was done using ByteMark.


The study was conducted using BYTE's 32-bit multiplatform CPU/FPU BYTEmark tests. The test suite includes 10 basic tests: numeric sort, string sort, bitfield, emulated floating-point, fourier coefficients, assignment algorithm, Huffman compression, IDEA encryption, neural net and LU decomposition. Detailed information regarding this suite can be found on the BYTEmark Home Page.

Fastest PowerBook vs Fastest Pentium Machine running Windows 95(12/97)
Results From Macworld Magazine

Results show the percentage of improvement over the Pentium based machine - shorter bars are better

Photoshop Tests




Meta Creations Infini-D Test

Microsoft Word Test

The following Photoshop results are from the January issue ofBYTE Magazine. The Bravo is a 300Mhz Pentium II based machine running Windows NT 4. Shorter bars indicate better performance.


Below is a graph showing the performance of Windows based machines to their Mac counterpart when testing with Mathematica 3.0. The results should be taken as indication of how the OS performs relative to each other and not to the performance potential of the machine. If for example you were able to run the Mac OS on the HP machine it might perform as well as the PowerMac.


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