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Below you will find Photoshop 4.0 results comparing a PowerMac G3/300 to three Pentium II based machines. Testing was done by PCWeek using a 19MB file. Results represent the percentage of time take to perform a Photoshop task relative to the G3/300 which receives a score of 100%. Shorter bars equals faster performance.





The following Photoshop results are from the January issue of BYTE Magazine. The Bravo is a 300Mhz Pentium II based machine running Windows NT 4. Shorter bars indicate better performance.






Below is a graph showing the performance of Windows based machines to their Mac counterpart when testing with Mathematica 3.0. The results should be taken as indication of how the OS performs relative to each other and not to the performance potential of the machine. If for example you were able to run the Mac OS on the HP machine it might perform as well as the PowerMac.

Once again the BYTEmark scores show the G3/300 well ahead of any Intel Pentium processor. These scores are from BYTE Magazine. BYTEmark tests the speed of the Processor Subsystem (processor, coprocessors and L2 cache). Scores below show relative performance as a percentage of the score of the G3/300 which receives a score of 100%. Longer bars equals better performance



Below you will find the scores for the individual test that make up the BYTEmark testing suite. For information on these scores please visit the BYTE Magazine web site.

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