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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X which includes both server and client versions. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. All of the links on this page are from the OS X pre-announcement and pre-release days. Visit this page for up to date information on OS X

Older OS X News - December - January 2001

Latest OS X Information

Mac OS Facelift Turns Back Time - A graphic designer is working on a complete facelift of Mac OS X that would replace the system's glitzy new look with one more closely resembling the traditional Mac interface

The Top 10 MacOS X Misconceptions - Much FUD -- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt -- is being generated by those unfamiliar with the current product and where Apple plans to take it. To stem the tide, this article will address and disarm the "Top Ten" popular misconceptions about MacOS X that are circulating on the Web

Mac OS X Software (Darwin too)

Unix Coming to a Mac Near You, Part 1 - With Mac OS X, Apple is building Unix into the Mac OS, and this has technical, social, and political ramifications for Mac users and the rest of the industry.

Of NetInfo and /etc - NetInfo has two problems--it's both obscure and poorly documented. Here's a quick primer so you can quickly switch between /etc files and NetInfo

OS X development -- waiting in the wings - Mac developers are making their way to Mac OS X, but few predict they'll have products available when the new OS ships.

Road to Mac OS X: sound sets, desktop images, more

Screen Wars - New computer operating systems promise to fuel competition between Apple and Microsoft

The Path to OS X Part Two: Glances... - "Wow..." Stay around an Apple machine with OS X loaded on it in a retail store or computer lab of your choice and you're bound to hear that.

Mac OS X: Whi9ers - With the release of Mac OS X Public Beta Apple has successfully split the Mac world in to two distinct groups.

The OS X Interface - I have now read the umpteenth article lamenting the demise of the Mac OS and proclaiming Aqua a poor follow on. As "traditional" Macintosh utilities like the Control Strip and the Apple Menu disappear, there is much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. I am sick of it

Test driving Apple's Mac OSX - Breathtaking is not usually a word associated with computer operating systems. But, for this six-year Mac user, test-driving the beta was a lot like sitting behind the wheel of a powerful, stylish new car still parked on the showroom floor

Inside Mac OS X: Menu mission - It's going to take some solid practice getting used to the new ways of Mac OS X - out now as a public beta, and due in finished form "early next year"

Transferring Mac OS X Between Machines and Mac OS X on the Pismo - as I waited for the new hardware to arrive I began pondering how to tackle the task of not only installing Mac OS X, but transferring documents, applications, and most importantly my saved mail and preferences

The Path to OS X Part One: From the Ashes... - The public lie that Windows is anything more than poorly copied concepts blown to enormous commercial proportion is a facile that frustrates Mac users as we comb through Babbages for our Macintosh section. Here's my attempt at explaining our feeling

Building Apache 1.3.14 for Mac OS X Public Beta - The best solution for upgrading your Apache installation on Mac OS X is to install the updated binaries for 1.3.14 in addition to the 1.3.12 version that Apple ships as part of the Mac OS X Publ Beta

Building Apache 1.3.14 for Mac OS X Server - The best solution for upgrading your Apache installation on Mac OS X Server is to install the updated binaries for 1.3.14 in addition to the 1.3.9 version that Apple ships as part of the Mac OS X Server 1.2 product

Building OpenSSH 2.3.0 on Mac OS X Public Beta - SSH allows you to use an encrypted communication channel for logging into other machines, as well as copying files. It also uses a public key host/user identification to identify connections in a more secure manner than the traditional "r" suite of commands (rsh, rcp and rlogin)

No Intel On OS X Part I: Economics 101 - The "OS X on Intel" movement is unquestionably an exercise in futility, to say nothing of a fine example of outright foolishness. Apple is no more likely to port OS X to Intel than Microsoft is to make Windows open source

OS X Is a Big, Scary, Unknown Beast - make no mistake about it. I've seen the future, in the form of OS X DP4 and the OS X Public Beta, and it is, quite honestly, a little scary

Prebuilt CGIs on Mac OS X - The Truth is in here We've beeen hearing for years now about how Mac OS X would have BSD under the hood, which made several groups Ø including server jockeys Ø very happy. Turns out, it also makes using prebuilt CGIs with Mac OS X a breeze

Open-sourcing the Apple - A hacker reviews the beta release of Mac OS X -- and dreams of toppling Microsoft.

OS X Is Coming: Watch Out, You May Be A Reactionary Luddite - There is this great chorus of voices clamoring about the doom, death, chaos, and outright tyranny that is the black morass known as Mac OS X

So Sayeth Soup: Tossing X Into The Seething Sharkpit of x86 - In the same insanely fertile world that can incubate a battery-powered and hand-held Atari 2600 clone, complete with faux woodgrain, the suggestion that Apple may cheerfully glom onto x86 seems downright plausible. There¹s a lot of excitement over the possibility, too

Mac OS X: An OS for Larry? - Who is Apple Computer Inc. building its next operating system for -- its customers or Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison's?

Vermont RecipesØA Cocoa Cookbook for Mac OS X Public Beta - Vermont Recipes is a cookbook for developing Macintosh computer applications in the Mac OS X Cocoa environment using the Objective-C programming language. It takes a practical, no-nonsense, hands-on, step-by-step approach, walking you through the details of building a Cocoa application from start to finish

Return of the Mac, new and improved - The new Mac OS X introduces some innovations to the familiar features that Mac users know. Charles Arthur road-tested the system ê and was, on the whole, impressed

Apple embarks on MacOS X for Intel project - Apple may indeed be preparing a full x86 version of MacOS X, according a source cited by Ars Technica.

A BeOS View Of Apple's New OS X - Ever since Apple first announced OS X, I've received letters from BeOS users asking what I thought about OS X, and whether I would keep using BeOS once it became available

X Games - Mac OS X games may have gotten off to a slow start, but they're starting to appear Ø and there's more on the horizon

Mac OS X For Idiots: Cocoa, Carbon, and Darwin - Cocoa, Carbon, and Darwin. People throw around these words like they're the disciples of Mac OS X - but do they really know what they mean? Not very often

The Joy of X: Mac's Hot New OS Boasts Brains and Style to Spare - The Mac platform's beautiful new interface is as sexy as they come--and it has a brand-new high-performance engine to match.

The Mac OS X Adventure begins - From the moment Mac OS X loads, it¹s pretty clear that Mac users are facing the biggest mind-shift in their computing lifetimes

The Good, The Bad, and How to Fix Mac OS X's System Preferences - Here are several letters from readers discussing what they like, what they dislike, and how to fix the system preferences (aka: Control Panels) in Mac OS X:

Installation of Mac OS X Public Beta on Unsupported Hardware - This section is devoted to reader reports of installing Mac OS X Public Beta on unsupported machines

OS X on Intel: Pros and Cons - Ever since Apple first started developing OS X (at that time named Rhapsody), there have been requests for it to ship on other platforms besides PowerPC. In fact, sites like OSXonIntel have created massive petitions in the attempt to persuade Apple to release this OS for Intel powered computers.

Change the Finder Buttons in MacOS X - In the new Finder windows, there is a shortcut button bar with six icons. This edit allows you to change those icons!

Setting up Anonymous FTP in Mac OS X - Here's how (it took me a while to figure this out, so enjoy :) )

Apple gilds the lily - The new Macintosh operating system may annoy both geeks and rookies

Random Ramblings about BSD on MacOS X - This is the first chapter in a series of observations, representing the adventures of a couple of BSD admins (one with a lot of prior MacOS experience, the other with more on the BSD side) poking around the command line on an iBook laptop running Apple's Mac OS X Public Beta. We'll attempt to provide a few notes and observations that may make a BSD admin's work with Mac OS X easier

X Questions About X - I'd like to take a more critical look at X -- not X itself, in terms of its user interface or underlying UNIX structure, but Apple's plans for X, both immediate and long-term.

OS X's Dock Done Better - Love it or hate it, the Dock is the most striking feature about OS X's Aqua interface. However, if you are among those that hate it, Pocket Software may be able to help you out

MacOS X-cellent - Apple Computer made the first public beta of MacOS X available on Sept. 13, 2000. I bet the average SD Times reader didn¹t even click through a link to see what it was about, but in not doing so, missed a watershed for software developers. OS X is going to be huge

Running MacOS X Public Beta on 603e-Processor PowerBooks? - If you own a non-NuBus PowerBook with a 603e PowerPC CPU (the PowerBook 3400 and 2400), are familiar with Darwin (the Open Source release of the Mac OS X Server operating system foundation), and adept at motherboard driver hacking, you may be able to try out MacOS X Public Beta on that older PowerBook

Max OS X delivers clean, refreshing Aqua - Window clutter is reduced in the new Mac OS X, but will it make a difference to corporate buyers?

Porting Command-Line Applications - Getting command-line tools onto Mac OS X sometimes takes a bit of work. Here's how to go about it.

The Good, The Bad, and How to Fix the Dock - Here are several letters from readers discussing what they like, what they dislike, and how to fix the dock

The Hidden Secrets of Mail - Although the Mail program that comes with Mac OS X isn't exactly a powerhouse, it does have a few clever tricks hidden away. Here's how to get at them

Toppling the Desktop - The Mac's new OS X erodes the familiar user interface metaphor as Web browsers and the command line assert their influence.

Mac OS X: AS WINDOWS AS YOU WANNA BE - Apple's new operating system has learned a few tricks from Microsoft -- and added some neat features of its own

The Software Question Hanging over OS X It's not whether older programs will work with Apple's new system -- they appear to -- but how fast developers will now embrace it

Sweat the Small Stuff - "Don't sweat the small stuff" doesn't cut it for software

The èpublicî part of Mac OS X Public Beta, pt. 1 - Nothing gets the blood boiling for experienced Macintosh professionals these days like a rip-snorting game of èMac OS X Beta Rouletteî. Now that normal humans (read: non-developers) are actually allowed to see, touch, and smell the next great OS from Cupertino without fear of legal reprisal (read: NDA), there seems to be something for everyone. Good, bad, or simply thinking different, here¹s what the front line has felt the need to say so far

X-View: Starting Up - Today we focus on OS X's startup sequence

President's Letter: OS X beta - Ambrosia has products that we'll need to migrate to OS X, such as Snapz Pro 2. With that in mind, I need to become familiar with OS X both as a user and as a developer; someone needs to explore the new grounds, and figure out how we're going to make things work in this new environment.

Working With File Types - Mac OS X has several ways of tying files to applications. Unfortunately, this can be a bit confusing, especially when you take into account the architectures of Classic, Carbon, and Cocoa. Once you understand things, though, there is hope

Mac OS X: part II - The Installation and first look - The things I don't like so can be categorized into three items: bugs, my lack of familiarity, and Apple's people not following Apple standard interface guidelines. This OS feels a lot like the standard Mac OS, yet is different enough to make one notice. It is an odd feeling

Add A Clock To Your OS X Beta Menubar - wClock allows OS X Beta users to add a Classic style clock to their menubar. wClock includes a dropdown perpetual calendar, and the new version allows users to change the font size and color.

How to Change the New Icons in MacOS X - While you can still change most individual icons by pasting a replacement into the Get Info window (now called The Inspector), how do you change the Trash, default folder, and other System-wide icons? This tutorial will show you how

X Philes - After using OS X continuously for a month, we've run across a small number of issues that are simply maddening. Here are our favorites

Under the Hood With Mac OS X - New Unix-based operating system's beta shows reliability but erratic performance

Mac OS X 101: Basic Unix Commands - The Mac OS X public beta opens up new vistas and opportunities for users of the Mac OS. While much of the user interaction with Mac OS X can be accomplished through the graphical user interface, there are times when it may be necessary to access the command line interface or CLI

Apple: OS X galvanizes modern Macs -how the new software will exploit users' hardware to the fullest.

Opinion: OS X? Yeah, Baby! - I decide to boot the Cube into OS X. The mind is blown. The colors jump out at you like a pristine, gooey liquid. Photo-quality icons. The mannerisms of the interface are almost human. It's more fun than my first ride on Mac OS 6.0.3, which was really fun

The NeXT Apple OS - Make no mistake about it: the complete overhaul of the Macintosh operating system is a very big deal. Not just because Apple has decided to remake one of the easiest OS¹s to master. And not just because it¹s a commercial attempt at bringing a Unix-based OS to the masses. It is a big deal because Apple is betting the house on system software that tries to combine the best attributes of Steve Jobs¹ old NeXT operating system and the tried-and-true Macintosh

Mac OS X Looks Worth the Wait - Deep down inside I'm a Mac guy. Sure I use Microsoft Windows machines like most of the world but for two years I've been recommending Apple's iMac computers to newcomers looking for the friendliest way to get online at a reasonable price. That's why I'm so excited to be finally testing a preview version of Mac OS X, a complete overhaul of the Macintosh operating system that's been promised since something like 1993


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