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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X which includes both server and client versions. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. All of the links on this page are from the OS X pre-announcement and pre-release days. Visit this page for up to date information on OS X

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FTP and Mac OS X Public Beta - This article will explain how to use the free FTP client supplied with Mac OS X Public Beta.

How-To Install Bash

X-Tips - Get to know your Terminal - For more than 15 years, the Intel/Unix crowd have looked down on the MacOS because it didn't have access to a command line interface. Now, with MacOS X, we can stand proud!

Adventures in X - Apple's OS X Beta is impressive, no question. It's certainly not perfect, but I feel more hopeful seeing it. I see problems, but nothing insurmountable

Building SSH1 on MacOS X - The Mac OS X Public Beta ships with SSH installed, however it is not activated. You can have it activate after rebooting by editing /etc/hostconfig as root

Mac OS X Public Beta - Taken all together, "Mac OS X Public Beta" (referred to as "Public Beta" or just "Beta" in this article) means that for $29.95 you get an unfinished, buggy version of Apple's next generation operating system. Charging for public beta software is increasingly common among the big software companies. I paid for my copy, and it doesn't bother me too much

Improving OS X - I am currently testing OS X beta as a huge Mac fan and someone who is very interested in the art of interface science

Xtools for Mac OS X Beta from Tenon Intersystems - Xtools is our new Aqua X Window Server for Mac OS X Beta, the final product is slated to ship when Mac OS X ships in early 2001

Enabling WebDAV Server Support on Mac OS X Public Beta - As mentioned by Apple in the various OSX marketing information, client side WebDAV support has been added to the Mac OS X operating system. This enables seamless support for working with information stored on DAV enabled web servers. What hasn't been mentioned very widely is that the web server shipped with Mac OS X can also be configured as a WebDAV server out of the box

How-To Install Samba - This how-to is designed for the reader that would like to use Samba on Mac OS X Public Beta.

User Incompetence vs Mac OS X: Clash of the Titans - I believe it was Wednesday afternoon that this epic saga began. I had just noticed a new version of Fire was released. Downoading and installing it, I attempted to delete the old Fire folder. It wouldn't let me. What's this? I don't have permission, even logged in with the administrator account? Yet another Unixism for me to grapple with

OS X: The State Of Upgrade Support - The upgrade makers have been working overtime to get the things OS X-worthy, and now that the Public Beta is here, they can finally bring us up to speed on what's going on

Scientists hunger for Mac OS X, initial report - many scientific institutions around the world are all saying the same thing, namely, that they are seriously looking for adoption of OS X and need certain apps to be ported from Unix (and in some cases Linux) to Mac OS X. The bottom line is that the science community has had their eye on Mac OS X for quite some time.

Mac OS X Beta Diary: First Steps - I'm not being forced to do this. I volunteered to run the Mac OS X beta on my work computer to perform my daily routines. I can't escape and go into Mac OS 9 for this or that. Nope. If I need an OS 9 application, I've got to use Classic

Mac OS X - Native Java Program Ported To OS X - Pascal Beaujeant has ported a native Java application to OS X, and claims it was a very simple process

Mac OS X Public Beta at Architosh: First Thoughts - We purchased a new iMac DV (400 MHz G3) with 128 MB of RAM for our installation. We wanted to take no chances with our other machines' data and took into account Murphy's Law. We also wanted to see what a lower-end iMac could do with Mac OS X

10 Times Is A Charm Radical Revamp Puts Mac OS Back in the Running - Try sitting a Windows user in front of a Mac, sometime. Tell them how many years Apple spent crafting its user interface. Explain how elegantly the Apple hardware is designed, how easily the parts and peripherals interconnect. Explain the sophistication of the machine's supercomputer-class G4 processor. Nine times out of ten, I guarantee you'll get the same question in response. They'll want to know why everything grinds to a halt when they hold down the mouse button.

Fizzilla - Around May, 1999 (Mozilla milestone 5, or M5) we made those modifcations to Mozilla and created a single binary that ran on both MacOS 8.5 and MacOS X. The resulting app, code named Fizzilla

A closer look at the transition to Mac OS X - are Apple fans ready for the change that is predicted to take the computing industry by storm? Are they prepared to abandon the operating system that they have become so fond of over the years?

Change the Look of the Dock in MacOS X - we have this little trick for changing the color and pattern in the MacOS X Dock

Migrating Out of Classic and into Mac OS X - In this article I hope to offer you some pointers to applications that are easily accessible to OS X users that will let you cut the ol' ball and chain of Mac OS 9.

OS X: What To Do When The Kernel Panics - In much of the discussion about OS X, a very misleading term comes up: "uncrashable." Mac OS X is, indeed, difficult to crash, but that's hardly the same thing as uncrashable.

The Challenges of Integrating the Unix and Mac OS Environments - Mac OS X is Apple's effort to create a best-of-both-breeds operating system which directly leverages the advances and experience Apple has in the user experience arena and the well-established power of BSD

The Mac OS White Paper - There has been a lot of discussion and interest in Mac OS X, and through it all I have been amazed by one thing: many people appear to be making major decisions based on a complete lack of information

Mac OS X Feels Sluggish To Me - That's rightū the graphical user interface of Mac OS X Beta feels sluggish to me

X-Philes - The Truth is in here If you have some programming aptitude and you're looking to make a little cash Ų okay, a lot of cash, Mac OS X Public Beta is just the opportunity. Dave and Ian show you how in the inaugural edition of X Philes, their new weekly column about (you guessed it) OS X

OS X: A Merging of Various Decades-Old Technologies. Does it Work? - Overall OS X is very promising for those of us who wish it to succeed. I see myself using this OS to vastly improve my productivity. The way Darwin (OS X's open-sourced macrokernel) is designed this OS should not ever have to be rebooted

Metrowerks Ships Codewarrior Pro 6 - Until now, developers wanting to release Carbonized final versions of their software have been stymied by the lack of a finished, shipping development tool

Apple's OS X Looks Like a 10 - The new operating system's changes may put you off at first, but don't give up -- OS X is worth it

Expectations for MacOS X - I am not a long-time Mac user, I just started using a Mac about 2 months ago. I am very impressed with what I have seen from this company so far, and from what I see about MacOS X, it looks like they are definitely on the right track

ServerWatch Listing for Mac OS X Server - Mac OS X Server, which builds on open-source software with a slew of additional capabilities, some of which will be appreciated by all users and some that will be of interest only to Apple shops.

Special Mac OS X edition: PowerBook installation, OS cohabitation, peripheral hardware (non) support, master-slave issues, and the new-age version of Startup Disk

Inside Mac OS X's Unix Layer - Behind the Candy-Coated Shell, Mac OS X Provides All the Power of Unix with Very Few Compromises

Mac OS X Public Beta First Impressions - For those of you who haven't received your CD yet or if you are not brave enough to install the OS, these impressions are for you. Not a comparison, not a review, just some impressions of how I feel about different areas of the OS.

OS X Beta Survival Guide - Explore the Future Safely with These Tips for Installing and Using the New Mac OS

OS X Beta: Where'd Everybody Go? - For a Mac user, Mac OS X is like coming home from college and finding out that your parents have converted your bedroom to an office. Here are some hints about where to find the features you once knew

Get the Message in Linux (and MacOS X too)! - The MacOS is fairly vocal when it has a problem. When an error occurs, dialog boxes appear with slightly useful information, or encrypted dire warnings. (Repeat after me, a Buss error has occurred...) Linux OS is a little more bashful about proclaiming a problem, but if you know where to look, you'll find volumes of information. And I'll show you how the same can be said of MacOS X!

Mac OS X Lab Notebook - The Head of Macworld Lab Spent Time with the Mac OS X Beta. Here's Her Report

OS X: Our New War - OS X still has the possibilities of being the greatest OS to date. It's, and this isn't gushing here, FANTASTIC underpinnings, come nowhere near making up for the interface, now a much bigger concern to users then the kernel will ever be

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