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For Upgrading An iMac You Only Have One Choice - The PowerLogix iForce Reviewed - Is There An iMac G4 Upgrade On The Way? - PowerLogix has stepped into the breach with their own iMac upgrade, the iForce G3/466, and it has some distinct advantages over the previous Newer offerings

How Much Difference Does Having a Faster "Backside" Cache Make - A Performance Review - We decided to take a second, in-depth look at cache speed to get a fuller perspective on the benefits of backside cache, and exactly what processes it speeds up

Do High-End G4 Zif Upgrades Make Sense, Or Are Lower-End Cards A Better Value? - A Review - Our review will cover most of the G4 Zif upgrades from the following manufacturers: NewerTech, PowerLogix, Sonnet & XLR8.

Processor Upgrade For First Generation Power Macs Gets The Job Done! - A Review Of The Newer PDS G3 Upgrade - Only two processor upgrade manufacturers make upgrades for NuBus based Macs - Sonnet and Newer.

Thought You Couldn't Upgrade Your G3 PowerBook? Think Again! Newer Tech's G3/466 Upgrade Card Reviewed - We take an in depth look at Newer's upgrade and put it through our new suite of real world application tests.

MaxPowr G3/400 and MaxPowr G4/450 - Find out which card will give you the most bang for your buck!

MaxPowr G3/500 And MaxPowr G4/350 - We benchmark and review two Newer Tech Upgrade Cards for PCI Macs

The Fastest iMac Doesn't Come From Apple! -A Review Of The iMAXpowr G3/466 - Newer had a prototype of their iMac upgrade up and running at Macworld SF this year. They let "media types", who first signed a non-disclosure agreement, to have a glimpse of the product in action. (In other words if we published any information on the upgrade until Newer gave the go ahead, they assured us we'd be swimming with the fishes!) Now we take a detailed look at this unique upgrade.

XLR8's "Two-Upgrades-In-One" Claim Put To The Test - We review and benchmark XLR8's MACh Speed G4/450 Upgrade Card in three different Power Macs. Includes MAcBench and real world scores.

Breathe New Life Into That Aging First Generation Power Mac - A Review Of G3 & G4 Upgrades For NuBus Macs

Two G3 upgrade options from PowerLogix - The PowerForce G3/300 and G3/500 examined.

An Upgrade Card Well Back From The Sharp Blade Of The Cutting Edge: The PowerForce G3/250 Reviewed - It won't break any speed limits but it won't break the bank either.

G3/400 or G4/400? Two PowerLogix Upgrade Options Explored - We review the G3/400 PowerForce upgrade card from PowerLogix and compare its performance to the G4/400 PowerForce.

G4's Can Use Them But Are They Worth The Additional Cost? The 2MB Backside Cache Option Explored - G4's can indeed run with a 2MB Backside cache but no accelerator company is making them. XLR8 provided us with a "technology demo" card and we found out why!

New Software Brings XLR8 Card Up To Speed: XLR8's G4/350 MACh Carrier Card Review Update - Our initial review of XLR8's G4/350 Carrier card was less than flattering. They have since released new driver software that fixes the performance and stability issues we noted.

Last Out of the Gate but Still in the Race Newer Technology's MaxPowr G4/400 - Newer Tech took their time getting their G4 upgrade cards to market. Were they worth the wait?

Plenty of Power in a Small Package PowerForce G4/350 and G4/400 Cards Reviewed - We look at two small but potent offerings from PowerLogix.

The Purple Powerhouse Sonnet's G4/400 Crescendo Upgrade Card Reviewed - "Simply Fast" is Sonnet's catch phrase for their cards. Is it true? Read our review to find out...

XLR8's MACh Carrier Vs. Sonnet's Crescendo PCI G3 Upgrade Cards - Two Roads to 500MHz Nirvana Mapped

Sonnet's Encore G3/500 ZIF Upgrade Card - We popped this card into a G3/300 to see what kind of performance gains we would get.

Zero To 500Mhz In Several Nano Seconds - A Review Of Sonnet's Newest Cache Slot Card - There is a lot to like about Sonnet's new 500Mhz L2 Cache slot card but it has a potential bug or two that you may have to put up with if you want, or need, top of the line performance.

PowerPC vs Intel Processor Performance Comparisons -MMX vs The "Velocity Engine" - We bring you Apple's benchmark results which show the G4 out pacing a faster Pentium III using Intel's own benchmark

PowerPC vs Intel: Top Tier Chip Performance Compared Including G4, G3, Pentium, Celeron, Alpha, Athlon And Ultra SPARC II - We add performance information on the G4 chips to our mix of high-end processor data

PowerPC vs PowerPC : A Comparison Of The G3 and G4 Processors - Although there isn't yet a good benchmarking program that stress the G4's "Velocity Engine" we thought it would still be interesting to compare what we could of the G4 and G3 chips

PowerPC vs Intel: Top Tier Chip Performance Compared Including G3, Pentium, Celeron, Alpha, Athlon And Ultra SPARC II - We compare the performance of most of the chips you'll find in current computers

"Render This Baby" - Vimage's G3 Upgrade Shows Impressive Performance - We do an extensive review of the Vpower PF G3 upgrade card for "upgrade challenged" Macs

iMac Clone vs The Real Thing - A Performance Evaluation - we compare the putative performance of Future Power's iMac knock off, the E-Power, to the genuine article. However we think the same day Apple sends a note thanking Future Power for the flattery, Apple's lawyer's will hand the company a summons - with a smile of course.

MACh Carrier G3/400 The "Upgradable Upgrade" From XLR8 - We review the PCI upgrade card from XLR8 that accepts ZIF G3 daughtercards. Includes extensive MacBench and "real world" benchmarks.

PowerPC vs Intel: G3/450Mhz vs Pentium III/550Mhz. And The Winner Is...... Using results from the industry standard benchmark program SPEC95, we compare the latest crop of Intel and PowerPC processors - letting the chips fall where they may!

Thinking Of Getting DSL Internet Access To Save You Time On the Net? You Might Want To Think Again! A Performance Review - DSL is the hottest new technology for giving yourself a super-highway to the Internet. Mike Juhaus tells you about his experience in getting connected with DSL and why, despite the performance numbers, he is not saving any time.

The Performance Edge: Revision "D" iMac/333Mhz Performance Compared to Twentyfive Currently Shipping and Past PowerMacs - We take this little gem and stack it up against all the current benchmark results we have

How Much Difference Does Having a Big "Backside" Cache Make - A Performance Review. Mike Juhaus asks - "How much of a difference does the size of your backside cache make? We were curious about this and the loan of two Sonnet Crescendo 300Mhz processor upgrade cards, one with 512K of backside cache and one with 1MB, gave us a chance to run some tests and find out. "

How Much Difference Does Having Faster "Backside" Cache Make - A Performance Review - last time Mike looked at how the size of the Backside Cache effects performance, this time he looks at how the speed of the cache effects the efficiency of the processor.

Breaking The Speed Limit! - Instructions To Hotrod Your iMac To 300Mhz. Not for the faint of heart, but if you are adventurous and handy with a soldering iron you'll find this article interesting

Why Fast Bus Speeds May Slow You Down - Darryl Hinshaw V.P. of engineering at NewerTech explains why faster bus speeds may not be an advantage if you are upgrading your machine with a G3 upgrade card

AltiVec - Information on these processor instructions that will be built into the next generation of PowerPC chips (G4) Firewire - Information on this new high-speed connection standard USB - Information on this new low-speed connection standard Fastest Mac vs The Slowest - We compare the performance of the top-of-the-line 1998 Mac to a Mac of 1991 Interleaved Memory - Interleaved memory explained and increased performance explored Fixed Storage Removable Storage Level 2 Cache SCSI Accelerators Processor Chip Comparison Modems CD-R/W Drives Printers