iMac or Old Mac - What Kind Of Performance Gain Do You Get From Moving On From That Old Machine

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The iMac is the hottest machine Apple has come out with for the average user in quite some time. It's unique design, simplicity and low price make it very attractive. Many of you with older machines are no doubt contemplating moving up and passing that old Mac on to nephew, niece or school. We thought we would provide you with some easy comparisons that will let you conveniently assess just how much of a performance gain you would get from an iMac upgrade. Below you will find the iMac's processor, floating point, hardrive and graphics performance compared to 64 previous non-G3 Macintoshes from the Quadra on up. Speed tests are based on MacBench 4.0 results and all scores represent the percentage of performance of a given machine when compared to the iMac - which receives a score of 100 in all tests. For an example, from the charts below we can see that the iMac is 25 times faster in processor performance than the Quadra 900/25, 50 times faster in floating point performance, nearly 4 times faster in hardrive performance and 10 times faster in graphics performance. Feel free to print out these charts to have when making your presentation to whoever holds the purse-strings and use the words "productivity" and "charitable donation" liberally!
Processor Test

Floating Point Test

Disk Mix Test

Graphics Mix Test

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