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Testing Guidelines

If you don't see your model or non-standard configuration at our site consider getting hold of MacBench , testing your machine and sending us the results to incorporate into these pages. You can download MacBench 5.0 off the net but will not be able to run the CD ROM tests, Graphics tests or Video tests unless you get MacBench on CD. To get Ziff-Davis to send you the CD ROM with MacBench on it fill out this form. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for Ziff-Davis to get the benchmarking software to you.


Things To Keep In Mind When Testing

Keep to the base configuration described in the MacBench documentation (except of course for the hardware or software enhancements you are testing for, if that is the case).

  • Set to System extensions only.
    • Turn off Speech Recognition and Networking
    • In the memory Control Panel set to defaults
    • In the MonitorsControl Panel set Resolution to 640 X 480 and the Amount of Colors to 256.
    • Restart Computer and Run MacBench.


This will keep results consistent with one another. For an animated web page showing how to configure your machine click here

  • Ideally the hard drive should be defragmented and optimized before testing.
  • Close all other open applications when running MacBench
  • To add the Publishing Disk Mix and Publishing Graphics Mix tests to the Main Test Suite (which is a good idea) choose the Edit Current Suite under the Test Suite menu using the Main Test Suite as a template. Publishing Disk Mix Test requires 115 MB of free disk space
  • To get the most out of test results there should be some base against which to compare an enhancement. For example if you have a 7200 with 512 L2 cache it would be nice to know how a 7200 without L2 cache performs. So perform a base test first.
  • If you send me the results I need a copy of the results files, not a text file. You will need to Stuff your MacBench files before sending them.If you don't they will arrive as text files instead of source files.
  • If you don't have a stuffing utility you can get Drop Stuff at the MacWorld site The documentation that comes with MacBench is extensive and thorough. Most questions you have should be readily answered there. See this shorter description of what MacBench tests and how.

Click here for online documentation for MacBench 5.0


Mail your results to Don Engstrom