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Should you Bite the Bullet? A Look at the PowerBook Bullet Drive Express
The Bullet Drive combines the benefits of fixed storage with the convenience of removable media in a nice package. Instead of using the SCSI port on your PowerBook it connects via your Type II PC Card slot. If there isn't an electrical outlet handy it can also run off power from the PowerBook making it a great solution for portability freaks. The drives range in size from 1.4 to 6.4GB or you can opt to buy just the enclosure and install your own 2.5" IDE hard drive. The Bullet drive enclosure weighs in at 5 oz. and roughly doubles in weight with a drive installed. The drive can be both mounted and removed without powering down your PowerBook, handy if you want to quickly transfer a bulky file between PowerBooks. What cost do you pay for all this convenience? The Bullet Drive lags slightly behind the other players in its class. Take a look at MacWorld's MacBench 5.0 scores below to see how it stacks up against other storage solutions. Scores are relative to the hard drive in a G3/300 which is assigned a score of 1,000. Longer bars are better.

MacBench 5.0 Scores



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