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Power to the People! A Look at the Vpower PM 4400

If you are the owner of a PowerMac 4400 or a StarMax 3000/4000 series and thought you didn't have any G3 upgrade options, think again. Vimage has come to the rescue with the Vpower PM4400. Vimage gets around these machines' lack of a CPU "daughter card" by utilizing the cache slot. The folks at Vimage wouldn't say how this works (trade secret I suppose) other than to say that the existing CPU is "taken out of the loop." However it works it represents a real boon to those formerly stranded on the upgrade path. There are two flavors of this card available, the G3/240 which comes with 512K backside cache and the G3/300 with 1MB backside cache. The results below are for the G3/240 and come from MacWorld. Scores are relative to the Power Mac 4400 which was given a score of 100. Longer bars are better.

SpeedMark Score

MacBench 5.0 Scores



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