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The iMac is the first complete machine that is the result of the "2nd Coming of Jobs" era. Its unique all-in-one futuristic design, speedy processor, low price and excellent marketing has propelled it to become one of the best selling computers of its time. In its first few months of release the iMac has sold over 300,000 units, a large percentage of purchasers have been new computer users or previous Wintel users. The revision B iMac is the follow up machine to the first release (revision A) and comes with more graphics memory, a faster graphics controller, System 8.5 and a few other tweaks. Apple took some very gutsy risks by not providing the machine with a floppy drive or highspeed SCSI port for connecting external drives. Instead the iMac comes with the USB ports which is a new standard for connecting devices. New USB capable technology is popping up in the market place like mushrooms after a spring storm.The lack of a floppy drive and on board SCSI has raised a few complaints and may have slowed its acceptance in some individual sectors of the market but seem not to be an impediments for most buyers. 


Geared for the consumer , school and business market the machine is capable of very little upgradability and is more appropriate for general computer use - it is not the kind of heavy duty machine required by graphics or publishing professionals. The machine comes with a substantial software bundle (see sidebar). The iMac has won numerous prestigious awards and Apple is once again leading the way in computer design with this machine. MacSpeedZone feels this is one of the best buys that Apple has ever come out with for general computer use. Aside from its technical prowess and innovation the iMac is just a heck of a lot of fun to own. You would be hard put to do better

    Revision B Software Bundle 
  • AppleWorks 5 
  • FaxSTF from STF Technologies 
  • Quicken Deluxe '98 from Intuit 
  • MetaCreation's Kai's Photo Soap 
  • MDK from Interplay 
  • Pangea Software's Nanosaur 
  • Williams & Sonoma Guide to Good Cooking from Broderbund 
  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer & Outlook Express
  • 4.01 Earthlink's, Total Access 2.01 
  • Adobe Pagemill v3.0 (Web Site Builder Software) 

MacBench 5.0 Scores

MacBench Scores are relative to the Pre-Yosemite G3/300 Power Mac which is assigned a score of 1000. Longer bars are better. Click here for more information on MacBench 5.0






Model/Mhz Processor Bus Speed
iMac G3/233 750 66 32 SDRAM
512MB Max
512K 6MB
Mezzanine 4GB
24X 10/100 Ethernet
15" Monitor

ATI RAGE PRO TURBO accelerated 2D/3D graphics controller


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