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Macintosh 1992 vs Macintosh 1999 - "We've Come A Long Way Baby"




Periodically at MacSpeedZone we like to compare the fastest machine for which we have results to the slowest machine for which we have results. We were given a Daystar Millennium G3/400 to play with (the fastest Macintosh you can buy today) and thought it would be fun to compare it's performance and features to the Quadra 900 (the high-end machine of it's time) the slowest machine for which we had MacBench 4.0 results. It is interesting to compare the areas where computers have gotten much faster (Processor and FPU) and where they still lag (drive and graphics). First we present a features comparison and then the benchmarks. Enjoy yourself!


Quadra 900

Daystar Millennium G3/400

Introduction Date 1991 Late 1998
Cost Initial Retail Price: $8,500
Today Used: $175
Processor 68040/25 G3/420 (XLR8 Mach Speed G3/400 Upgrade Card clocked to 420Mhz)
L2 Cache None 1MB Backside Cache
RAM 4MB expandable to 256MB 64MB expandable to 1.5GB
VRAM 1MB 4MB (accelerator card)
Drive 160MB SCSI 4.5GB SCSI 2
Drive Bays 1 10
Expansion Slots 5 NuBus, 1 PDS 6 PCI


The benchmarks below were obtained with MacBench 4.0 and scores represent the percentage of improvement over the Quadra 900 which receives a score of 100%

Millennium 54 and a half times as fast as the Quadra in Processor score

Millennium 86 times as fast as the Quadra in Floating Point score


Millennium 5 times as fast as the Quadra in Disk score

Millennium 13 times as fast as the Quadra in Graphics score

Actual MacBench 4.0 Results

. Quadra 900 Millennium G3/420
Processor Score 27 1471
Floating Point Score 10 860
Disk Score 84 434
Graphics Score 56 721