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G3 Processor Upgrades Test Results - MacBench

These scores are in conjunction with our G3 Accelerator Feature. When reviewing these scores please bear in mind that we used the 604e/200 card as our base reference. This processor is no slouch! The 604e excels at floating point functions while the G3 is better at integer functions. If you are upgrading from a slower processor you should see an even more significant improvement in performance.

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About MacBench 5.0

MacBench profiles popular software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, FileMaker Pro and QuarkXpress among a variety of others and applies these profiles to the various subsystems being tested. Click here for the full documentation. MacBench 5.0 uses the G3/300 as the base machine and assignes it a score of 1000. Longer bars equals faster performance. Percentage scores are relative to the 604e card. Performance results for new cards will be added as they become available. Keep in mind when comparing results that they can only be accurately compared to results from the same version of MacBench. You cannot compare 5.0 results to 4.0 results etc.



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Speedometer Color QuickDraw Scores
Scores are relative to 604e card. Longer bars are better.