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Vimage's Press Release

Dear Messrs. Engstrom:

As you know, recently carried a story entitled "G3 upgrade cards unstable?", in which it suggested that G3 upgrade cards may have difficulty working with third-party SCSI cards. We wish to make you aware of Vimage's situation with regard to upgrades for PPC 604-based machines: Our engineers achieved a software solution to the 604 ROM problem with version 1.2.0 of the Vpower driver software (announced by our parent company on 15 May 1998). As our compatibility pages note, our cards work just fine with Adaptec's 2940 UW and 3940UW cards. All cards like Adaptec's and others which appear on our compatibility pages have been subjected to rigorous testing by our engineers. A guest reviewer on "Accelerate Your Mac" has also noted Vpower's stable interaction with SCSI cards, and an excerpt from his review appears below:

"The Vimage Vpower G3/300 for PCI Power MacIntosh is a powerful and reliable upgrade for all users of compatible computers. The price performance ratio is quite attractive, and it's compatibility with the Adaptec card make it a competitive choice vis a vis the Newer MaxPowr G3. Performance is exactly as advertised, including the acceleration of the built-in graphics. The only debatable flaw of the Vpower G3 is it's lack of adjustability, which may make it unattractive to some power users. This omission, however, probably enhances stability and reliability. The Vpower G3 deserves a serious look when considering the purchase of a G3 upgrade card."

Paul Bassel*
Dallas, Texas

*The author received no payment or inducement from Vimage Corp. for writing this review. The rest of our cards work just as smoothly. Thanks very much for your consideration!

Best regards,
Dave Friedman

Dave Friedman (,
Corporate Communications Manager
Vimage Corporation