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"Render This Baby" - Vimage's G3 Upgrade Shows Impressive Performance

General Impressions:TheVpower was the first G3 card we tested in our 9500 which probably contributed to the striking impression it made on us. In addition to the improvements we noted in our benchmark tests, the system felt much more responsive during day to day operations. Windows flew open and pulldown menus appeared in a blink. Below you will find benchmark results from MacBench 5.0 as well as results from our "Real World" tests.

Installation: Installation of the card and associated software went smoothly. Accessing the processor slot on the 9500 is a little involved but the manual that came with the card was clear and well illustrated. The software installer loads an extension which enables the backside cache as well as software for checking your new processor and cache settings.


Supported Models

Apple: 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500, 9600
Umax: S900 Series, S910 Series. Remove secondary processor from Dual Processor machines.

Stability: We had the card in our 9500 for roughly 2 weeks. During that time we used it for day to day tasks, site maintenance, web surfing and gaming. We never experienced any instability during this time and were quite pleased with with the performance improvement. It was hard to drop back to our 604e processor, the curse of evaluation units!


MacBench 5.0 Results





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"Real World" Tests
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