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A Look at the VPower G3/366 - Power to the People!

General Impressions: The Vpower G3/366 is the second PCI card we have tested from Vimage. Click here for a review of the Vpower G3/300. Like its predecessor, we tested this card in our trusty 9500 and were very pleased with the improved responsiveness of our machine. The finder acted like someone had slipped it a triple espresso and all of our processor demanding programs gained

Supported Models

Apple: 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500, 9600
Umax: S900 Series, S910 Series. Remove secondary processor from Dual Processor machines.
new life and vigor as well. With Apple's recent release of the "Yosemite" machines we had developed a serious case of G3 envy. While the Vpower card didn't turn our case translucent blue it did give us a glimpse of how the other half lives performance wise... Below you will find benchmark results from MacBench 5.0 as well as results from our "Real World" tests.

Installation: The evaluation card we received came with virtually the same manual as the Vpower G3/300 we reviewed a while back. This was not a big issue but don't be alarmed if the card pictured looks different than the one you got. Vimage has discarded the fan in favor of the heat sink for a cooling system. Other than that the manual does a nice job of illustrating the installation process for the various target machines. If you plan on installing the card yourself be sure to heed the manual's abundant warnings about static and use the included grounding strap. Even on our 9500 with its challenging case design we had the card installed in under 10 minutes. Software consists of an extension to activate the backside cache as well as the "VpowerInfo" application to verify the processor and cache speeds of the new card. Unfortunately the application falls short of telling you the processor's operating temperature. This information is common on other similar applications and is helpful for diagnostics.

Stability: We had the Vpower G3/366 in our 9500 for several weeks. We used it for a variety of day to day site maintenance tasks as well as for the occasional game. We didn't encounter any problems or unexpected freezes the whole time we had this card installed. We actually noticed improved stability in one of our programs that was notorious for crashing during FTP transfers.

Conclusions: While it won't significantly improve the performance of fixed devices like your hard drive (see tests below) the Vpower G3/366 does an admirable job revitalizing your aging Power Mac at a reasonable cost. This should eliminate any G3 envy you may be suffering and tide you over until you buy that new G4 down the road...

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