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Power Macintosh 6100/66 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 And G4 Processor Upgrades

PowerMac 6100/66 Facts at a Glance

  • Processor: PPC 601, 66 MHz
  • L2 Cache: 256K
  • Data Path: 64-bit, 33MHz
  • Drive: 350-500MB SCSI
  • Internal SCSI: CD ROM Support
  • CD-ROM:2X (optional)
  • Slots: 1 PDS
  • Installed RAM: 8MB or 16MB (8 soldered to motherboard)
  • RAM Slots: 2, 72-pin SIMM
  • Min RAM Speed: 80 ns
  • Notes: May be able to expand RAM to 136MB through use of 64MB chips 
  • VRAM: 2MB (4MB Max.) - AV Model
  • Introduced: 1/95
  • Discontinued: 8/95
  • Initial Retail Price: $1,749 - $2,699
  • Current Price
    Special Notes
  • The 6100 was capable of accepting a DOS compatibility card for running dual Operating Systems 
  • NuBus adapter available for PDS slot

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The 6100/66 appeared mid-winter 1995, nine months after the original 6100/60 was released. It continued to be the low end model of the speed bumped Power Macintosh family. It sported a 601 PowerPC chip running at 66Mhz and also included a 256K L2 cache, which its predecessor lacked. The machine came with 8MB of RAM soldered to the motherboard and the ability to add 64MB more into two RAM slots (it may be possible to add more RAM but Apple officially supports only 72MB). RAM must be added in similar sized pairs.

The 6100 shipped without any graphics memory and used 640K of regular memory as memory for video. A large L2 cache will allow graphics memory allocation to be held in the cache thus boosting video performance significantly.

The machine has one 7" PDS slot that can accommodate an Intel processor card for running Windows applications or to accommodate a regular processor upgrade.

The 6100 came in models with and without a CD ROM drive and AV capability.

The AV model had a video in/out card installed in the PDS slot and gave you the ability to run dual





Below you will find the MacBench 4.0 results for all of the current processor upgrades available for this machine. Results marked in Red indicate that benchmark results we provided by the upgrade manufacturer. All other results are from the results of our own testing. The bar graphs below express results as a percentage of improvement over the base machine, which receives a score of 100%. Further down the page you will find a table with the actual MacBench score.





MacBench Absolute Scores

Processor Upgrade Card MacBench 4.0 Processor Score
Power Macintosh 6100/66 130
Sonnet Crescendo G3/266/133/512K 798
Sonnet Crescendo G3/266/133/1MB 925
Sonnet Crescendo G4/300/150/1MB 1032
Sonnet Crescendo G3/300/150/1MB 1035
NewerTechnology MAXpower G3/300/200/1MB 1095
Sonnet Crescendo G3/333/166/1MB 1141