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PowerBook 1400/117 Processor Upgrade Page

PowerBook 1400/117 Facts at a Glance

  • Processor: PPC 603e, 117MHz
  • Drive: 1GB SCSI
  • CD-ROM: 6x
  • Slots: 1 PDS, 2 Type II PC Card (1 Type III)
  • Installed RAM:16MB (64 Max)
  • RAM Slots: 1
  • Min RAM Speed: 70 ns
  • Screen Size 11.3" 800x600
  • Weight 6.7 Lbs. 
  • Introduced: 10/1/96 Discontinued: 7/14/97


The PowerBook 1400/117 was the low end of the 1400 line which included 133MHz and 166MHz models as well. Unlike its more powerful siblings the 1400/117 was hobbled by the lack of a level two cache. The 11.3" inch screen was available as either dual-scan or active matrix. The resolution was bumped up from the 640x480 of older PowerBooks to 800x600. Many faulted the video as being too slow and with 1MB VRAM video was limited to 16 bit. All of the 1400's offered the cool option of adding a custom back and companies like were quick to supply them. There are two issues to bear in mind if you are considering a G3 upgrade for this machine, heat and power consumption. Some have suggested that a G3 upgrade would run too hot in this machine. The other issue is that the upgrade will drain your battery quicker. For more information on this issue and an "Ode to the PowerBook 1400" visit The PowerBookSource website.

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Below you will find the MacBench 4.0 results for most of the processor upgrades available for this machine. These results are what the individual manufactures publish for their cards. In other words the speed trials were run by the manufacturer. For an independent evaluation of these cards check the Processor Upgrade Page to see if we have results available. The bar graphs below express results as a percentage of improvement over the base machine, which receives a score of 100%. Further down the page you will find a table with the actual MacBench score.

MacBench Absolute Scores

Processor Upgrade Card

MacBench 4.0 Processor Score

PowerBook 1400/117 126
NewerTech Nupower 1400 G3/233/166/512k 656
NewerTech Nupower 1400 G3/250/125/1MB 875
Vimage Vpower PB1400 G3/233/117/512k 691
Vimage Vpower PB1400 G3/266/133/512k 923