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Performance Comparison between OS Versions

The graphs below represent a performance comparison between Mac OS versions 7.6, and 8.0. Test were performed on a Performa 6300. These are real world "stopwatch" tests as described below. OS 8 scores reflect the percentage of time relative to 7.6 which receives a score of 100%. In the first example below Version 8 took 30% the amount of time to perform the task that it took version 7.6. They confirm what is obvious to the casual observer, that system 8 is a dramatic improvement in speed over it's predecessor. OS 8 is optimized for the PowerPC processor and you will no doubt not see this kind of improvement in 040 processor machines.

For the test below 3 folders totalling 11.5MB in size and containing 446 files were duplicated


For the test below 3 folders totalling 11.5MB in size and containing 446 files were deleted from the trash


In the test below 12 windows containing 1,100 files were opened at once and the time elapse till the last window had displayed was recorded. As you can see there is not a great difference but it is the one test in which there was a slight decrease in performance. There have been some observations that windows are MUCH SLOWER to draw. I do not believe this to be the case, but windows may appear to draw more slowly because there appears to be a change in the way windows are opened. In the past information about the window was being calculated before the window opened (you could see the little stopwatch moving round before the window opened for folders with many files) Under system 8 the window opens immediately and calculation comes next so there is more a perception of slowness than a reality.

Reboot times with System extensions only are compared in the test below


Time to launch Photoshop 3.0 compared


Time to open 3MB Photoshop file compared


Time to save 3MB Photoshop file compared


Scrolling from top to bottom in 500 item ClarisWorks 4.0 spreadsheet


Sorting 500 item ClarisWorks 4.0 spreadsheet