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FTP Clients And Web Browsers - A Benchmark Rumble!
Most web surfers have downloaded a shareware program or a software updater off the web at one time or another. For small files or occasional use, clicking the download link and letting your browser handle the file transfer is the most painless, and probably the best, approach. If, on the other hand, you regularly download 90MB+ demos of the latest greatest 3-D game or are in the habit of grabbing QuickTime trailers off the web, you might want to give a little more though to the program handling the grunt work. Below you will find a real world comparison of five popular FTP clients as well as a set of benchmarks for the two leading web browsers, Communicator 4.73 and Internet Explorer 5.0.

Test Information

In our previous tests of FTP clients, we used a 56k dialup connection and smaller test files. The results were subject to a variety of factors outside of our control, Internet congestion, line noise and varying quality of connections for example. In these tests we did our best to eliminate these factors. We downloaded NetPresenz and set up a temporary FTP server on our PowerBook G3/266. We used a beige G3/266 desktop machine to test each FTP client over our 10Base-T network. We ran each test 3 times and averaged the scores. For the charts we set the clients' scores relative to the slowest client. The slowest client received a score of 100% with lower numbers and shorter bars being more desirable. We also include a chart with the actual averaged times in seconds.


For the 25MB tests we used the Star Wars-Menace QuickTime trailer. Netscape did surprisingly well and Internet Explorer's performance left a lot to be desired.



For the multiple file tests we used a folder containing a combination of files and sub-folders, a total of 76 items weighing in at 1.4MB.


FTP Client 25MB Download 25MB Upload Multiple File Download Multiple File Upload
Anarchie 3.7 33.67 40.91 21.14 45.06
Fetch 3.0.3 39.86 40.75 15.24 39.92
Internet Explorer 5.0 90.40 - - -
Net Finder 2.1.1 35.55 46.26 22.13 45.18
Netscape 4.73 35.57 - - -
Transmit 1.5.1 37.00 41.29 20.36 35.20
Vicom FTP 3.0.2 41.82 43.12 14.52 37.84