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FTP Client Screen Shots


Files/Folders can be sorted by clicking on the appropriate column name.


A couple of nice features worthy of note here. The "Get" and "Put" buttons will move the selected file/folder to the appropriate sub folder without having to navigate there manually. Off the screen is another column titled "checked out." If you check a file out in DreamWeaver it is marked as unavailable on the server. Handy if you collaborate with others on a web site. All parties have to be using DreamWeaver though... DreamWeaver was the only program that lost the server connection mid transfer.


An aging but functional interface. Files/Folders are sorted by date in this shot.


Looks just like a regular finder window doesn't it? You can even select items and do a "Get info" on them! Alias names show up in italics as well.


Nice side-by-side layout and use of finder icons. The trash can serves as a shortcut for deleting files. Sadly lacking is a "Date" column.

Vicom FTP

My personal favorite. Vicom FTP includes powerful filtering for both local and remote files. This allows you exclude files that don't meet the criteria you set.

Vicom Filters