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Performance Comparison Between the Fastest and Slowest Machine for Which there are 3.0 Results Available
The graphs below represent a performance comparison between the fastest and slowest machine for which there are 3.0 results available. It gives a good perspective on how much machine performance has improved and where the speed bottlenecks still are. Testing was done using MacBench 3.0. Results from version 3.0 cannot be accurately compared to results from other versions of MacBench. MacBench profiles popular software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Word 6.0 and QuarkXpress among a variety of others and applies these profiles to the various subsystems being tested. See this description of what MacBench tests and how. Longer bars equals faster performance. Models tested were for the most part base models as shipped from supplier. For detailed information on configurations e-mail me.

llci vs Power Tower Pro

  • FB = FireBall hard drive
  • R = RAM