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Performance Boost From Using Motorola's Shared Math Library Extension

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The graphs below show the performance boost from installing MathLibMoto or Motorola's LibMotoSh extension. These extensions are shared libraries that updates several functions from Apple's MathLib. In MacBench tests this increased FPU performance overall. Performance of individual math functions may be greater than this. For more information or to download the extensions you can find links on the Links Page. Testing was done using MacBench 4.0 on system 7.6. MacBench profiles popular software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Word 6.0 and QuarkXpress among a variety of others and applies these profiles to the various subsystems being tested. See this description of what MacBench tests and how. Longer bars equals faster performance.

Performance Improvement From Using Shared Math Library Extension

Libmoto Comparison Graph