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Performance Boost From Using Speed Doubler 8

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The graphs below represent a performance comparison between a stock 9500/200 running OS 8 and the same machine with with Speed Doubler 8 installed. Shorter bars on stopwatch tests show faster performance, longer bars on emulation tests show faster performance. Disk cache for all tests was set to the same amount.

For the tests below a folder with 1,000 files of varying sizes and of an overall size of 60MB was used. Result scores for Speed Doubler are the percentage of time taken to perform the task that it took the stock 9500.

Time to Duplicate Folder


Time To Backup Folder To Zip Drive


Time Taken To Empty Folder From Trash

In the following test 28 folders containing 4,000 files were opened at once using the open command


The following test were run using a 1.6MB, 574 page ClarisWorks document.


Percentage of Time Difference To Scroll Through Document


Percentage of Time Difference To Search and Replace Common Word In Document


Connectix suggests setting the disk cache to the size of your largest document to aid in searches and database work. The following test did not show any speed improvement in search and replace function when setting the disk cache higher.


For the following test a 6MB folder with 98 files was copied over an ethernet network of two Macs using Appletalk. The "faster file copying" and "use TCP/IP" options were not checked because checking them lead to a freezing of the file copying process.


Emulation Test

Graph below shows the performance increase in Emulation Mode when using Speed Doubler 8. Testing was done with Speedometer 4.0.



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