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MacSpeedZone's SonicFire Pro & DV Footage Giveaway

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The Question(s):

What do you think of the new 2002 iMac?

We are also giving away a copy of Stuffit deluxe 6.5 every week. Click here for more information!

Instructions and Rules:

1) Mail your answers to this address The answers should be in the body of your message. Your e-mail address will not be shared with anyone else.

2) If you are entering from outside the USA and the prize is not available for export, a gift certificate of equal value will be substituted for the prize.

3) You may enter to win from this site twice each month, once before and once on/after the 15th. Any attempt to enter again will disqualify you. We will select winners at the end of the month.

New questions will be posted here on the 1st and 15th of each month. We will send you an e-mail message letting you know when you can enter our next contest.

4) Winners will be notified by e-mail and must contact us within one month to claim their prize. Any prize unclaimed within this time is forfeit and another winner will be drawn.

5) Once you have entered here, swing by the MacReviewZone for another question and another chance to win!

6) If you have any problems entering the contest after reviewing the instructions above send a note to our staff for assistance.

7) MacSpeedZone has a monthly contest - so check this page each month for a new product giveaway.

Last Month's Winner(s):

Now Contact & Up-To-Date and Stuffit Deluxe winners will be announced here shortly...

Grand Prize
SmartSound SonicFire Pro

SmartSound SonicFire Pro kindly provided by our friends at Sonic Desktop.

Redesigned from the ground up - but still based on Sonic Desktop's unique patented SmartSound technology - Sonicfire takes you to a new level of control and agility with the soundtrack process. Some of the new features include:

  • Video Import: DV, AVI, MPEG, QuickTime
  • Score Videos Inside SmartSound - Automatically
  • Preview Ideas in Real Time with Your Video
  • Score Multiple Scenes & Events - Fast
  • Complete Support for DV Audio and More
  • Edit Your Own Music - Automatically
  • New Streamlined Professional User Interface
  • Includes More Music & Sound Effects ..... And more.


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Bonus Prize

DV Footage From

provides high quality digital video footage from around the world. Video clips come on either CD or DVD.

The winner will get to chose from any of Global Cut's "epic series" OR a total value of $200 if chosing one of Global Cut's other CD/DVD compilations.

Past Prizes & Winners

Eric Oberg from Seattle, WA won SmartSound SonicFire Pro.

Thomas Moyer from Reading, PA won Chaos Master.

Dan Jacobs from St. Ann, Missouri won the Nike MP3 player.

Dan Black from Ames, IA - Won a copy of Stuffit Deluxe 6

John McGibney from Ronkonkoma, N.Y. - Won the Shuttle Pro!

Jean-Baptiste Saudan from Paris France - Won Action Utilities from PowerOn Software!

David Tyler from Las Vegas, NV - Won a copy of Rewind from PowerOn Software!

Francis Miller from Media, PA won Myst III Exile: Collector's Edition!

Pam Harrison from Ogden, Utah won the copy of Stuffit Deluxe!

Jean Sparks from Port Charlotte, FL - Won a USB Kritter Cam from iREZ.

Doug Moore from Bartlett, TN - Won a copy of Revind from Power On Software!

Peter Paufler from Orchard Park, NY - Won a copy of Action Utilities from Power On Software!

Dr. Mark Duckenfield from London England won the TurboRing from Kensington.

Jennifer Drabinsky from Newark, DE won the Digital Media Remote from Keyspan.

Kris Paige from Mosinee, WI - Won a Wow Thing Box audio enhancer.

James Robertson from Santa Rosa, CA - Won the 2nd Wow Thing Box audio enhancer.

Steven Kutoroff from Cherry Hill, won the I-Jam MP3 player!

Mike Cohen from Boca Raton, FL won a copy of Conflict Catcher 8

Mark Jarmus from Los Angeles, CA won the 2nd copy of Conflict Catcher 8

Fred Pellerito from Raytown, MO - won the iM-700 Speaker system from Monsoon.Charlie Goodspeed from Aromas, CA - won a copy of Beatnik Studio

David Tunison from Cortland, NY - FireWire CD-RW drive from LaCie.

Ed Jones from Cincinnati, OH - Spell Catcher 8

Kevin LaCoste from British Columbia, Canada - LaCie SCSI CD-RW drive.

Steve Sharp from Glendale, AZ - Unreal Tournament.

Dennis Chitko from Kalamazoo, MI - Unreal Tournament

Kevin Hewitt from Tualatin, OR - Blueberry iBook

Al Cacicedo from Reading, PA - G4/400 Tower.

UpdateAgent Winners' Circle

March 1st - David Welter | March 2nd - McToole | March 3rd - Dr. Mark Duckenfield | March 4th - Gregory Weston | March 5th - Robert Pritchett | March 6th - John McGibney | March 7th - L. David Umbaugh | March 8th - "DrJayS" | March 9th UpdateAgent CD Edition - Bill Covert | March 10th - Doot65 | March 11th - dmoore1 | March 12th - Steve Stephens | March 13th - George A. Denino | March 14th - Tim Underhill | March 15th - Liz | March 16th UpdateAgent CD Edition - Meta Sienkiewicz | March 17th - Robert Blackburn | March 18th - Kris Paige | March 19th - Jess McCarter | March 20th - Edward F. Ong | March 21st - Rick Alexander | March 22nd - D. Fairhurst | March 23rd UpdateAgent CD Edition - Pam H. | March 24th - TedKl | March 25th - C D Stouffer | March 26th - Tom Smyth | March 27th - George A. Denino | March 28th - David Karl | March 29th - Don Mardis | March 30th - Francis Miller | March 31st - David Ravetti