The Performance Edge: The New 533 MHz and 466 MHz G4 Towers Performance Compared To 39 Previous Macs

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We are working hard to get all the new machines benchmarked, so consider this an interim report. The ZoneBench processor scores below are derived from a suite of 6 different tests consisting of 3 tests that utilized the Velocity Engine (AltiVec instructions) of the G4, and 3 test that do not. The percentages of improvement over the base machine (a Blue & White G3/350) are added together and then the score is divided by 6. The base machine receives a score of 100%. Note that these scores only show raw processing potential, not graphics or drive performance. To get a more well rounded performance picture of new machines check the listings below.

The scores of the machines labeled in blue are estimates. They are based on what we know of the relative performance of each machine. We feel confident that these scores should be pretty reliable, but may not be 100% . If you are planning on launching the next space shuttle based on these scores .... please don't! But as a general guidance of relative processing performance, they should be helpful.


PowerBook G3/466 upgrade card - scroll test


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