The Performance Edge: For Owners Of Power Mac 6100s The Time For G3 Envy May Be Over - The Price/Performance Equation

Thursday, December 7, 2000

NewerTech just a few short weeks after dropping the price on their MAXpowr PDS G3/300-333MHz upgrade card for the 6100 class of Power Macs by $100, has dropped the price again. This card now goes for $179 - a price drop of $70. The card will work in 6100 machines with either a 30 MHz bus or 33 MHz and run at 300 MHz or 330 MHz respectively.

Below we explore what performance gain you will see with these cards installed in the machines they are intended for. We also take a comparative look at the price/performance equation of each card.


New Prices and the Machines The Cards Are Intended For

MAXpowr PDS G3/300-330/150-165/1MB (6100)
Old Price $349 New Price $249

Power Macintosh 6100/60, 6100/60AV, 6100/66, 6100/66AV , 6100/66 DOS Compatible*** 6110, 6112, 6115, 6116, 6117, 6118, Workgroup Server 6150

***DOS card must be removed prior to MAXpowr G3 PDS installation.

Note: The Newer card will run at 300 MHz in current 60 MHz machines and 330 MHz in machines that currently run at 66 MHz.

Previous Prices For Newer Cards


What kind of performance gain are you getting for the money you'll be shelling out for the various cards?......

Scores marked in Red indicate this information was provided by Newer. Scores Marked in Blue indicate that this information was independently verified by MacSpeedZone. Also keep in mind that MacBench does not stress the G4's accelerated functions. For Applications that are accelerated for the G4 you can see up to a 1.5 - 5 times speed improvement over a similarly clocked G3 processor.

And how much do you pay per performance point (price divided by performance score) ....

Previous Price/Performance Comparison For Newer Cards

Ready to spring for that G3 card yet? Ask our industry experts any questions you have or post your experiences.

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Newer Press Release

Newer's Lowest Price Ever For A 300-330MHz G3 Upgrade For 6100 Series
The MAXpowr G3 PDS 6100 Upgrade with 1MB of Backside Cache Is Now Less Than
WICHITA, KS, USA - December 4, 2000 - Newer Technology, the technology
leader in Apple [NASDAQ: AAPL] Macintosh CPU upgrades, announces the
reduction in pricing of the world's most highly rated G3 upgrade card for
the PowerMac and Performa 6100 Series of computers. These cards run at
either 300MHz or 330MHz depending upon the model of 6100. 
"We continue to leverage our improvements in manufacturing, made possible
through our partner Tri-M Technologies. We are now able to bring an
entirely new level of attractively priced upgrade cards to market," stated
John Nelson, Newer's iPresident. "We are very excited by the prospect that
our technically superior CPU upgrade cards have become affordable to anyone
with a 6100 Series computer. Even more amazing is that these cards come
with 1MB of performance enhancing L2 Backside Cache".
"The new street price of $179 genuinely allows anyone with a 6100 series
box to upgrade to the stunning performance of a G3 processor," stated Terry
Unrein, Newer's Director of Sales. Based on the old MacBench tests they
will see as much as a 10-fold improvement in CPU speed. The MAXpowr G3 PDS
6100 upgrade produces a phenomenal level of performance for these older
computers. Surfing the web becomes enjoyable. Running modern applications
is a breeze."
The MAXpowr G3 PDS 6100 adjusts it's speed to work with the speed of the
system bus in the various models of 6100 computers. Listed immediately
below are the various models of 6100 computers, and the speed that the
MAXpowr card runs in those machines:
6100/60SSS.30MHz System BusSSS.300MHz G3 Upgrade Speed
6100/66SSS.33MHz System BusSSS.330MHz G3 Upgrade Speed
6150/66SSS.33MHz System BusSSS.330MHz G3 Upgrade Speed
6110CDSSS.30MHz System BusSSS.300MHz G3 Upgrade Speed
6112CDSSS.30MHz System BusSSS.300MHz G3 Upgrade Speed
6115CDSSS.30MHz System BusSSS.300MHz G3 Upgrade Speed
6116CDSSS.30MHz System BusSSS.300MHz G3 Upgrade Speed
6117CDSSS.30MHz System BusSSS.300MHz G3 Upgrade Speed
6118CDSSS.30MHz System BusSSS.300MHz G3 Upgrade Speed
6150WGSS....30MHz System BusSSS.300MHz G3 Upgrade Speed
The MAXpowr G3 PDS 6100 are available worldwide through major distributors,
with North American distribution through Ingram-Micro as well as through
national resellers, value-added resellers, online sources and mail order
catalogs. Newer Technology products can also be purchased from Newer's
online store at
The MAXpowr G3 PDS 6100 is the ideal holiday gift for that special someone
with an aging Macintosh. The MAXpowr G3 upgrades breathe new life into old
computers and once again makes them fun and productive. The MAXpowr G3 PDS
6100 is easy to install and delivers impressive performance all for less
than $180.
Newer Technology has consistently lead the development of processor
upgrades for Apple Macintosh computers. Newer's firsts include the first
Power Macintosh processor upgrade. The first G3 Power Mac processor upgrade
and the first G3 processor upgrade for the Power Mac 6100, 7100 and 8100
series as well as the iMac. MAXpowr upgrades are also the only upgrades to
feature a hardware solution for speculative access management. Newer
Technology has more than 15 years of experience and is the leading
developer of performance upgrades for Apple PowerBooks, desktop Apple
Macintosh computers and Mac OS compatibles. 
For more information, contact Newer Technology, Inc., 4848 W. Irving
Street, Wichita, KS 67209; phone: +1 877- 605-0010 (North America) or +1
316-943-0222; fax: +1 316-943-0555; 
e-mail:, or visit the website at 
For international inquiries, please contact