The Performance Edge: All This And FireWire Too! - Newer's PowerBook G3 Upgrades And The Price/Performance Equation.

Thursday, November 2, 2000

NewerTech has a special on their two G3 upgrade cards for G3 PowerBooks; buy an upgrade card and they throw in their CardBus FireWire 2 Go card for free. The FireWire 2 Go card has one FireWire port that supports up to 400Mbps, comes bundled with QuickTime Pro and is a $89 value.

The way these PowerBook upgrades work is that Newer fits your existing PowerBook processor card with either a 458MHz or 466MHz G3 chip. This requires you to send in your processor card, have Newer install the upgrade and then ship it back to you. Newer says this process should take about 5 days.

The speed at which your upgrade will run depends on the PowerBook you have (see the Table below).

PowerBook 233MHz w/512k cache will run at - CPU 466MHz, Cache 233MHz
PowerBook 250MHz w/1MB cache will run at - CPU 458MHz, Cache 152MHz
PowerBook 266MHz w/1MB cache will run at - CPU 466MHz, Cache 233MHz
PowerBook 292MHz w/1MB cache will run at - CPU 458MHz, Cache 152MHz
PowerBook 300MHz w/1MB cache will run at - CPU 466MHz, Cache 233MHz
PowerBook 333MHz w/512k cache will run at - CPU 466MHz, Cache 233MHz
PowerBook 400MHz w/1MB cache will run at - CPU 466MHz, Cache 233MHz

Below we explore what performance gain you will see with these cards installed in the machines they are intended for. We also take a comparative look at the price/performance equation of each card.


New Prices and the Machines The Cards Are Intended For

MAXpowr G3-PB 458/152/1MB
New Price $549

MAXpowr G3-PB 466/233/1MB
New Price $$599

PowerBook 233MHz
PowerBook 250MHz
PowerBook 266MHz
PowerBook 292MHz
PowerBook 300MHz
PowerBook 333MHz
PowerBook 400MHz

Previous Prices For Newer Cards


What kind of performance gain are you getting for the money you'll be shelling out for the various cards?......

Scores marked in Red indicate this information was provided by Newer. Scores Marked in Blue indicate that this information was independently verified by MacSpeedZone.

And how much do you pay per performance point (price divided by performance score) ....

Previous Price/Performance Comparison For Newer Cards

Ready to spring for that G3 card yet? Ask our industry experts any questions you have or post your experiences.

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Newer Press Release

Newer Stuns Mac Market By Adding FireWire to PowerBook Upgrades
MAXpowr G3-PB/FireWire bundle brings older PowerBooks in line with 2000
WICHITA, KS, USA - November 1, 2000 - Newer Technology, the leader in Apple
[NASDAQ: AAPL] Macintosh CPU upgrade technology, brings FireWire to their
PowerBook CPU upgrades. For a limited time, Newer is bundling their CardBus
FireWire 2 Go card with each PowerBook CPU upgrade for 1998 & 1999
PowerBook G3 computers. The bundle brings the upgraded notebook to nearly
equal status with a new 2000 PowerBook G3, but at a fraction of the cost.
The MAXpowr G3-PB CPU upgrades are compatible with OS 8.x, 9.x and the OS X
Public Beta. 
Terry Unrein, CPU Product Manager, says, "We worked hard to maintain our
existing pricing, despite the bundling of the FireWire card with the
upgrades. The MAXpowr G3-PB 458 maintains its previous $549 price while the
MAXpowr G3-PB 466 retains its $599 price. The inclusion of FireWire to the
bundle dramatically increases the value of the upgrade to the customer".
"We listened to our customers. One of the most frequent requests was to
somehow incorporate FireWire into the upgrade process. Using our FireWire 2
Go cards we are able to meet our customer's expectations", stated Doug
Johnson, VP of Sales. "We have provided an $89 value, at no additional
cost. The addition of a FireWire 2 Go card to an older PowerBook brings
them to near functional equivalency with a new PowerBook G3". 
John Nelson, Newer's iPresident, said, "Many of the 1998 PowerBooks were
too slow to really take advantage of FireWire. They lacked enough
horsepower to properly work with digital video. However with the MAXpowr
G3-PB upgrade and the FireWire 2 Go card they become powerful computers
which are eminently capable of performing digital video editing and many
other complex tasks".
The MAXpowr G3-PB typically uses nearly the same amount of power, or in
some cases less, than a "stock" 233MHz  300MHz PowerBook. Users gain
nearly twice the CPU speed and in many cases, double the amount of Backside
Cache, yet do so without significantly impacting the battery life of their
computer. The upgrade is easy to install and purchasing it couldn't be
simpler. The response from Users has been amazing. Here are a few customer
"A new lease on life for this 'Wallstreet'/formerly 300 mhz machine, from
the only company MY company will trust with mission-critical hardware
upgrades--Newer Technology. You've got a faultless track record with the
MAXpowr CPU upgrades--RELIABILITY, speed, and ease of installation. I'd
recommend this upgrade to any owner of an aging PowerBook!" - David
 "I can describe Newer's 466MHz upgrade for my "WallStreet" Powerbook in
one word S FANTASTIC!" - Michael J Lettini
"To say I am satisfied is quite an understatement. Now I have a
professional recording studio, illustration house, and web design firm in
my backpack." - Jake Mandell
"My Powerbook sings now. Everything responds faster. Photoshop and Final
Cut Pro just zoom along." - Dave Fox, Photographer
"I immediately noticed the difference in speed across the board and feel
that it has breathed at least another two years of life into my beloved
Powerbook G3. Thanks for making a dream come true!" - Christopher Read
"The upgrade process is quick and well thought out. The performance of my
PowerBooks are vastly improved. SWe tried out Mac OS X on each of them and
it has worked very well. Thank you for giving me a way to keep my Macs up
to date." - Larry Jorgensen
"I'm so glad I did it!  My PB G3 with the 466 MHZ upgrade is like having a
new machine.  Everything is faster; almost twice as fast, actually. SThe
best thing is, there's no downside. SThis is definitely a must-have upgrade
for all owners of older PowerBooks who want to keep up with the fast new
hardware being sold today." - Jim King
"I can't tell you how pleased I am with my "Newer" PowerBook. I had
resigned myself to the "fact" that I was stuck with an outdated,
upgrade-challenged computer, but your MAXpowr G3-PB upgrade has extended
the usefulness of my investment by at least several years. I am
experiencing a dramatic difference in the processing speed of all of the
software I use, including Photoshop, Quark XPress and SoftWindows. Thank
you, thank you, thank you!!" - D. I. Johnson
"Once again Newer delivered on their promise! The G3-PB upgrade arrived at
my home ahead of the promised delivery date. Installing it was a breeze
Sand it is performing marvelously." - 
Rich Enstrom
Additional User feedback regarding the MAXpowr G3-PB may be found on Newer
Technology's web site at
The MAXpowr G3-PB is currently available through The Newer Store at Other Newer Technology products are available worldwide
through major distributors, with North American distribution through
Ingram-Micro as well as through national resellers, value-added resellers,
online sources and mail order catalogs. Newer's USB products can be
purchased through the more than 800 Sears retail stores throughout North
America. Newer Technology products can also be purchased from Newer's
online store at 
Newer Technology has consistently lead the development of processor
upgrades for Apple Macintosh computers. Newer's firsts include the first
Power Macintosh processor upgrade. The first G3 & G4 Power Mac processor
upgrade. The first G3 processor upgrade for the Power Mac 6100, 7100 and
8100 series. The first G3 & G4 iMac upgrades. The first G3 processor
upgrades for PowerBooks. MAXpowr upgrades are also the only upgrades to
feature a hardware solution for speculative access management. Newer
Technology has more than 15 years of experience and is the leading
developer of performance upgrades for Apple PowerBooks, desktop Apple
Macintosh computers and Mac OS compatibles. For more information, contact
Newer Technology, Inc., 4848 W. Irving Street, Wichita, KS 67209; phone: +1
316-943-0222; fax: +1 316/943-0555; e-mail:, or visit
the website at For international inquiries,
please contact