Product Watch: Does Anyone Need 2 Billion Possible Contacts? Power On Thinks So!

Now Up-to-Date & Contact 4.0 for OS X
If your requirements for a contact and calendar program are not ultra sophisticated, it is hard to beat the price of Palm's "Palm Desktop" software. Free... If you require a more sophisticated package, you might want to check out Power On Software's Now Up-to-Date & Contact. Power On acquired NUD&C from Qualcomm and updated the software, adding support for Palm devices. The latest version, announced today and expected to ship when OS X is released, sports an appearance suited to OS X, speed improvements and a slew of new features.

"When we acquired Now Up-to-Date & Contact from Qualcomm Incorporated, we set out a very specific development path that included updating the software and adding support for handheld computers. Having successfully executed that plan, we turned our attention towards creating a new version that supports Apple's next-generation operating system, Mac OS X, and offers an array of features that no other product in this category can touch."

- Robert Leeds, Power On Software's Vice President of Business Development.

New Feature List

  • New look and feel incorporating Mac OS X appearance enhancements and support for Appearance Manager
  • New email integration feature allows users of leading email applications to turn email into notes, phone calls, appointments, and to-do items
  • New networkable keywords allow sharing of keyword information with other Now Contact users so groups can easily organize and classify contacts.
  • Ability to change window appearance and select custom background patterns
  • Implementation of Apple color picker to provide greater customization of category and event colors
  • Improved AppleScript dictionary improves integration with other applications
  • Support for Navigation Services
  • New HTML-based help system
  • Completely new networking code is now Open Transport native, providing greater speed and DNS support for locating servers; support for NAT and firewalls, and Mac OS X
  • Enhanced multi-day view provides improved view of daily events
  • New mini-month view allows users to see a range of months at a glance while also looking at the current week or month
  • New Memo event type syncs with Palm OS Memo Pad
  • Four new phone/Internet fields allow storage of additional phone and email addresses
  • Eight new custom fields permit users to customize and personalize the storage of information and appearance of data
  • New AlphaBar offers one click access to contacts by letter
  • New QuickClickBar
  • provides instantaneous location of contacts without opening a separate search window
  • Implementation of non-modal dialogs for easier navigation
  • Revised word processor and template generator for faxes, envelopes, labels, and paper calendar formats

    From the "was-this-really-necessary" department, the contact limit has been beefed up from 250 thousand contacts to 2 billion! As mentioned above, Now Up-to-Date & contact 4.0 is expected to ship when OS X is released. That is to say, there is no firm shipping date set ;-) The full version will carry a suggested retail price of $99.95 with an upgrade downloadable available for $39.95

    System Requirements:
    Processor information not available
    OS 8.5 or newer including OS X
    1MB of RAM
    6MB drive space

    MSRP: $99.95, $39.95 upgrade

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