Product Watch: 'Bookz In The Hood

E2000 Laptop Hood
If you have an AirPort equipped PowerBook, you have the freedom to surf the web from the great outdoors. Well, OK... the back porch, but it is still great being able to work outside with your PowerBook. One problem that surfaces when working outside is that the screen tends to get washed out from the sun's direct light.

Hoodman solves this problem with their E2000 Laptop Hood which fits over your PowerBook screen, shading it and eliminating glare from the sun or other bright light sources. The E2000 folds up small enough to easily fit in your PowerBook case. The hood works with screens ranging from 10" - 15" including the iBook. Hoodman has plans to release a hood specific to the iBook in the future. As you need to be sitting directly in front of your screen to view it, the E2000 also provides a measure of privacy as well. Hoodman's E2000 carries a suggested retail price of $39.95 and received an excellent review from MacNN.