Product Watch: You Can Learn a Lot With The Help Of A Mouse.
Mia 3: Just in Time!

When one thinks of edutainment titles, one often thinks of the Carmen San Diego series or perhaps the Oregon Trail, both of which are staples in primary schools across the country. Kutoka Interactive has been carving out a space in the education market with their highly acclaimed Mia series. Mia is a little mouse that has all kinds of adventures, whether it is looking for medicine for her grandmother or trying to find a hat she lost. To complete each adventure, Mia must solve a variety of well integrated math & science puzzles that weave learning into the adventure unobtrusively.

In Kutoka's upcoming title, Mia: Just in Time!, Mia is made homeles loses her house to a fire and is determined to build a time machine to prevent the disaster from ever happening. The 2 CD-ROM set has kids working with addition, subtraction and fractions to help Mia on her quest.

In a recent review, MacAddict had the following to say about Mia 2: Romaine's New Hat, the predecessor to Mia: Just in Time!

"Mia2 teaches kids basic science, from plant parts (flowers, leaves, and seeds) to fossil bones (assemble them to form a complete skeleton) to electrical circuits (connecting positive to negative). Not only is the game a fun brainteaser, but the female heroine will appeal to girls and boys alike. ... Mia2 is a fun, challenging adventure that kids will really enjoy."

Mia: Just in Time! will be available as a Mac/Win hybrid in the second quarter of this year and will carry an MSRP of $19.95. To date, the Mia series has sold more than 125,000 copies. Post your comments on the Mia series or educational games in general below...