Product Watch: Burn On The Go! LaCie's Pocket CD-RW Drives.

Pocket CD-RW From LaCie
A while back, Steve Jobs admitted that Apple "missed the boat" by not including CD-RW drives in their machines. Since then, Apple has done a commendable job of catching up, adding CD-RW drives to most, but not all, of their machines. The group that has been left out? The portables. The iBook and PowerBook still have DVD drives, great for watching movies, but not for backing up data or recording your own audio CD's.

LaCie has filled the void with the Pocket CD-RW drive. Available in two configurations, 4x4x24 or 8x4x24, the Pocket CD-RW drive is designed with the mobile user in mind. The drive measures roughly 6" x 6" or about 1.25" more that the CD it is burning! At 1.25" thick and 1.5 lbs, it should fit easily into your carrying case without adding appreciably to the load. The Pocket CD-RW sports one USB port and two FireWire ports. The drive can even run off power supplied by the FireWire connection. Around 3 sides of the drive is a "bumper" to protect against the inevitable impacts a portable device experiences. The bumper also has a groove that can be used to hold your cable when not in use. The Pocket CD-RW has a 2 MB buffer and ships with Toast for pre-mastering your CD's.

System Requirements:
OS 8.6 or newer
FireWire or USB port

MSRP: $399 Street: $380 (use the search box below to check for lowest price and availability)