Product Watch: Store 32 MB On A Floppy! The New SuperDisk From QPS.

SuperDisk LS-240 Drive From QPS
When Apple introduced the iMac it sounded the death knell for the floppy drive. All of Apple's subsequent offerings have been sans floppy as well. Imation offered an external USB SuperDisk drive, known as the LS-120, which could read and write floppy disks as well as Imation's 120 MB SuperDisks.

Imation has discontinued their SuperDisk line, but QPS has taken up the torch, announcing the successor to the LS-120. The LS-240, as the name implies, allows you to store 240 MB on a SuperDisk. The LS-240 is backwards compatible with the original (120 MB) SuperDisk drive and supports floppies as well. The LS-240 uses "FD-32MB" technology which allows traditional floppies to be reformatted to support 32 MBper disk! If you have a collection of floppies mothballed somewhere, the LS-240 can give them new purpose.

"With the new FD-32MB technology, users get twice the disk-storage capacity of an LS-120 SuperDisk, and they get about 22 times the capacity of a conventional floppy-disk. The Que! LS-240 Drive is a great solution for storing sound, picture and presentation data. We think it will be well received, particularly in the education market where there is heavy usage of the LS-120," said Pierre Abboud, vice president of QPS."

- Pierre Abboud, Vice President QPS.

The LS-240 will also be offered as an option in QPS's FireWire D2 Dual Drive. The D2 is an external hard drive with a built in removable media drive as well. Options for the removable media drive include the LS-120, LS-240 or a CD-RW drive.

SuperDisk LS-240 MSRP: $179 (use the search box below to check for lowest price and availability)
SuperDisk LS-120 Lowest Price: $144.95