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Figure 9: The doctor is in -- Here's one reason why  YA Base64 Decodercan often times succeed where other e-mail clients fail when it comes to decoding a file. Like most things in life, if you want the best result, see a specialist!

Stemming the tide

I hope this will help you in your day-to-day dealings with e-mail. Yes, I know it is a colossal pain in the... well, you know. And some of you may even feel a little betrayed. "All this hype about how easy e-mail is, and how everyone is doing it... and now I have to put up with all this? As our beloved Chief Executive says, "I feel your pain." But I also believe in dealing with world as it is, square on. Sometimes it isn't pretty, but if you've got the knowledge others lack, you'll be the one who is sitting on top of the world! And that's always a nice place to be.

IMAGE imgs/Email_Envy07.jpg Ken Gruberman is the Editor of the MacValley Voice, newsletter of the MacValley Users Group. MacValley is the 2ndlargest user group in Southern California and is located in the San Fernando Valley. The Voice has won several awards of national merit in 1997 and has been published since 1984. Besides the Voice, Ken has written for MacUser Magazine (1990 - 1996) and has had articles reprinted in over 50 different publications world-wide. In addition to writing and consulting on Macintosh systems design and troubleshooting issues, Ken does music preparation for film and television projects in Los Angeles. He can be reached at mailto:grube@westworld.com

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