All-in-One Macintosh Three Times As Fast As Current iMac And Costing $500 Forecast For 2nd Quarter Of 2000

By Mike Juhaus

First a little history......

A Family Tree Of Consumer Package and All-in-One Macintoshes

Performa 6300/100
Introduced September 1995
Discontinued October 1996
Price: $2,799
MacBench 4.0 Processor Score: 134
PowerMac 5500/225
Introduced February, 1997
Price: $1,899
Performance: 133% faster than the Performa 6300**

G3/233 All-in-One
Introduced: April 1998
Discontinued: September 1998
Price: $1,599
Performance: 138% faster than the PowerMac 5500/225**
iMac Revision "A" G3/233
Introduced: August, 1998
Discontinued: October, 1998
Price: $1,299
Performance: Same performance as All-in-One**
iMac G3/266 Revision "C"
Introduced: January, 1999
Discontinued: N/A
Price: $1,199
Performance: 15% faster than iMac G3/233**
iMac G4/500 Revision "E"
Forecast Introduction: May, 2000
Price: $500
Performance: 200% faster than the iMac G3/266**

Due to customer frustration at having to pick just one color
Apple returns to a traditional coloring scheme.

iMac "E" Coming Into Focus
2nd Quarter 2000

**Comparative performance is based on processor capability alone and does not take into account FPU, graphics or hard drive performance improvements which have and will continue to improve exponentially .

Now that we have dispensed with the history onto the crack analysis and forecasting ........



Mike is a freelance writer and writes occasional articles for MacSpeedZone

Editor's Note: Think Mike is onto something here or is just the kind of guy that is constantly touching his machine's power supply, not because he needs to ground himself, but because he needs to be touched by something (if you know what we mean)? Is Mike headed for a brilliant career as a Wall Street analyst or destined for the corner of 4th and Vine tin cup in hand? When do you think there will be a $500 All-in-One consumer Mac? Head to our community bulletin board and let us know!

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