Better than Bratwurst: Tasty New G3 Upgrade Cards from Germany

Wolf Dietrich
GM phase 5 digital products

Phase 5 Digital Products, Europe's leading manufacturer of G3 Upgrade Cards for Power Macintosh computers and compatible systems, recently announced the 466MHz version of the G3 POWER BOOSTER, a G3 upgrade card for the first-generation Power Macintosh G3 computers. This new product provides a significant performance upgrade, to a performance level far beyond that of any currently shipping Power Mac computer. The G3 POWER BOOSTER /466 utilizes a 466 MHz PowerPC750 processor in copper technology, and features 1MB fast BackSide Cache running at 233 MHz. Shipping in April for a manufacturers suggested retail price of EURO 1099 in Europe, and US $1149 in North America, the G3 POWER BOOSTER /466 offers an impressive value and breathtaking performance.

Phase 5 Digital Products offers a complete line of G3 Upgrade Cards for various PowerMacs and clones, which includes

  • MACCELERATE!750 with 300-400 MHz, for second generation PCI Power Macs and compatibles (Tsunami, Nitro, TNT logicboards)
  • G3 POWER BOOSTER in 366,400 and - new in April - 466MHZ, for first-generation PowerMacintosh G3 models
  • MACCELERATE!750 TA 300/1MB, an inexpensive G3 upgrade for PowerMac 4400 and compatibles such as Motorola Starmax systems and many others with Tanzania mainboards
  • APTUS G3-300, which starts shiping in April, and provides 300MHz G3 performance for Umax C series systems

All these products are available for extremely attractive prices, as the MSR pricing below, and therefore provide a most attractive alternative to buying a new computer system:

579.00 759.00 1099.00 459.00 599.00 779.00 419.00 459.00
Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices EURO (excluding VAT) US$ (excluding tax)
G3 POWER BOOSTER /366 $599.00
G3 POWER BOOSTER /400 $799.00
G3 POWER BOOSTER /466 $1149.00
MACCELERATE!750-300/1MB $479.00
MACCELERATE!750-375/1MB $649.00
MACCELERATE!750-400/1MB $849.00
MACCELERATE!750 TA 300/1MB $449.00
APTUS G3-300/1MB $479.00

Comprehensive product information on all these products is available on our newly revised website at which of course includes a complete English section for all international customers. The G3 upgrade card line product from phase 5 digital products is available world-wide at many computer stores, mail order houses and online sources.


Founded in 1992, Phase 5 Digital Products is a German company that started out manufacturing accelerators and other expansion hardware for the Amiga computer. They have recently expanded to include the Mac accelerators as well. Below you will find MacBench 4.0 scores for the Maccelerate!750 300/150 PCI card along with scores for a variety of machines it will fit. Scores for the Maccelerate!750 300/150 are from the manufacturer. MacBench 4.0 scores are relative to a Power Mac 6100 which is assigned a score of 100.



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