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Maxing Out the Memory Of Your G3 PowerBook Has Never Been Cheaper!

We received the press release below from Trans Intl, a Macintosh memory manufacturer, the other day detailing RAM modules they have available for Apple's G3 PowerBooks - including the newly announced 333 and 400Mhz models.


Memory Upgrades for Apple Powerbook G3 333-400 Mhz 

Anaheim, CA - (May 13, 1999) - Trans Intl, the leader in memory and storage 
products, today announced the availability of memory supporting the 
recently announced Apple Powerbook G3/333-400 Mhz series. Trans Intl memory 
modules provide broader availability of high-performance memory specially 
designed for systems based on PowerPC G3 processors running up to 400 
megahertz. The new Powerbook G3 series gives users the ultimate combination 
of desktop performance in a notebook computer. 

Maximizing these systems with Trans Intl memory upgrades enables users to 
take full advantage of the latest technological innovations in Apple 
Powerbooks. Internet publishers, scientists, artists and engineers will all 
benefit from the power and price/performance that these systems deliver. 
And with the addition of Trans Intl  memory modules they are assured 
maximum performance. 

New Power Macintosh G3s have two memory expansion slots for main memory 
expansion. The system can be upgraded, up to 384 Mb maximum.  The system's 
memory expansion slots have a height restriction on the memory expansion 
boards. The bottom slot allows only  a 1.5 inch low profile memory module 
and the top slot allows only a 2 inch high memory module. The system can be 
upgraded up to 384 Mb of main memory by installing 128 Mb low profile DIMM 
in the bottom memory expansion slot and 256 Mb high profile DIMM in the 
upper memory expansion slot. 

Trans Intl offers 32 Mb, 64 Mb and 128 Mb low profile memory modules for 
the top and the bottom memory expansion slots meeting Apple's 1.5 inch 
height limitation and 128 Mb and 256 Mb high profile memory modules for the 
top slot meeting Apple's height limitation of 2 inches. 
Please go to for more details ... 

Trans Intl. memory modules conform to Apple's stringent electrical and 
mechanical design guide lines. The modules are 3.3-volt, unbuffered, 
low power, 64 bit wide, 144 pin, running at 100 MHz, 10 nanosecond cycle 
time, the fastest memory technology available for portables computers. 
These SDRAM modules are built with 64 Mbit and 128 Mbit SDRAM components to 
comply with Apple's mechanical height restriction on the top and bottom 
memory expansion slots. 

Trans Intl offers 32 Mb, 64 Mb and 128 Mb low profile memory modules for 
the top and the bottom memory expansion slot and 128 Mb and 256 Mb high 
profile memory modules for the top memory expansion slot. 

Trans Intl memory modules are aggressively priced at  ... 
32 Mb DIMM ...$39 
64 Mb DIMM...$75 
128 Mb DIMM ...$ 299 (for the top and bottom memory expansion slot; Low Profile) 
128 Mb DIMM ...$145  (for the top and bottom memory expansion slot; Low Profile) 
256 Mb DIMM ...$599 (Top slot only: High Profile) 

About Trans Intl 
Trans Intl. is a member of the Apple Developer Group and was founded in 
1988. Trans Intl designs and manufactures innovative and high quality 
computer memory and mass storage products. Trans Intl. has a strong 
reputation among leading manufacturers, resellers and retailers for 
developing, producing and supporting products that anticipate the coming 
needs of the ever-changing computer industry. For a complete product 
directory and more information about Trans Intl., visit the company's web 
site at: 

# # # 
Trans Intl. 
2120 Howell Ave. Suite 412, Anaheim CA 92806 
Telephone: (714) 634-1583; Fax: (714) 634-0409; Toll free: (800) 783-2120; 
Web Address: 


[Editor's Note: NewerTech obviously thinks their processor upgrades have an advantage. Are you persuaded by this article? If you have any comments or perspectives on what MR Hinshaw has written take it to our democracy wall]

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