Sonnet G3s and Virtual Game Station Play Together

by Joy Hsu

Crescendo G3 Upgrades Perform Like a G3 Macintosh With Connectix Virtual Game Station

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA. February 3, 1999. The Sonnet Technologies Crescendo PCI G3 upgrade cards, at speeds of 300ãMHz/1M or better, perform as well as G3 Macintoshes with the recently announced Connectix Virtual Game Station ü. As part of that announcement, Connectix stated that Virtual Game Station is únot recommended for Macs with G3 upgrade cards.î

Sonnet, the leading manufacturer of upgrade cards for Macintosh, recently evaluated Virtual Game Station with its G3 upgrade cards and would like to clarify compatibility for the benefit of its  customers. úWith Connectix¯ recent announcement, we heard from a number of customers wondering about compatibility. We checked Virtual Game Stationü.  in our compatibility labs and were pleased to discover that our faster G3s play very well,î reported Sonnet President Robert Farnsworth.

For PCI Power Macintoshes, Sonnet tested Virtual Game Stationü.  with Crescendo G3 upgrades in a Power Macintosh 7500 using build-in video and found the following results:

  • Crescendo 300-400MHz/1M G3 - play VGS games as  well as an original Desktop   Power Mac G3 or iMac;
  •  Crescendo 266/1M or 300/512 G3 - plays VGS games OK; occasional skipped frames and sound glitches;
  • Crescendo 233MHz/512 G3 - plays VGS games poorly; frequent skipped frames and sound glitches.
Note that Connectix Virtual Game Stationü.  requires ATI video drivers (included with Virtual Game Station), and Apple CD ROM drivers. Even though Connectix suggests ATI Rage hardware may be required, Sonnet observed no difference in Virtual Game Stationü.  performance in a 7500 whether using built-in video or using an ATI Xclaim 3D Rage Pro PCI card.

NuBus Power Macintoshes will not load ATI drivers and therefore cannot play Virtual Game Stationü.  even with a Sonnet Crescendo G3 upgrade card.

Joy J.I. Hsu
Sonnet Technologies

[ Editor's Note: The assessments of the article above are Sonnet's alone and have not been independently verified by MacSpeedZone. Connectix does not currently recommend use of Connectix Virtual Game Station with any third-party G3 upgrade  cards. If you have any experiences with the Virtual Game Station you would like to share, visit our Forum Page]


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