Product Watch: Convert Your Record Collection To CD!

NEWCASTLE, CA¤1/3/00 CharisMac Engineering Inc. will show their new easy-to-use audio recording utility AudioScribe at San Francisco's Macworld Expo this week. CharisMac will also give away a Sony CD-RW drive each day of the show.

AudioScribe lets users save vinyl, tape or voice recordings as Mac standard AIFF (audio interchange file format) files which can then be burned to a CD using CharisMac's Discribe CD mastering software. AudioScribe will bundle with CharisMac's Discribe product at no additional charge.

Discribe equips users with all of the tools necessary to easily master CDs in a variety of formats, copy data or audio CDs and create audio and mixed-mode CDs. The CharisMac Discribe software bundles with all USB and Firewire drives from Sony.

Discribe offers support for the creation of HFS, ISO-9660, Hybrid and Audio CDs. ISO-9660 and Hybrid CDs can be read on both a Mac and a PC. Discribe supports virtually all CD-R and CD-RW drives on the market.

Discribe's built-in Pro-Audio support gives the professional audio user total control over the Audio CD mastering process. With Discribe, users can simply drag mounted audio CD tracks onto the interface for automatic digital audio extraction from within the Pro-Audio feature.

Discribe also lets the user adjust the pre-gap, or time between songs, re-arrange the order of audio tracks and sample extracted songs by simply double-clicking on the audio track in the list. Discribe lets users write audio CDs in either disc-at-once or track-at-once mode. Discribe also includes a CD-copy feature that lets users copy data and audio CDs.

Discribe includes a universal CD driver that supports all CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW devices as readers. With the universal driver support, no other extension is needed to use the internal Apple CD-ROM drive in conjunction with your CD-R/RW drive.

MSRP of $99.95
Competitive upgrade $39.95.

CharisMac - (800) 487-4420
Newcastle, California

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