Product Watch: A Free Alternative To Apple's QuickTime Player

Foxchange Shareware recently announced the availability of BetterPlayer 1.0, an alternative to Apple's QuickTime Player. "Why an alternative" you ask? While the player that is included with the QuickTime download gets the job done, it has also been criticized for its non-standard intefrace. Two primary complaints focus on its hard to use volume control (apparently fixed in OS X) and its use of a non-standard window. Ever try to collapse a QuickTime Player window?

BetterPlayer will open QuickTime files dropped on, or opened from within, the application. This is slightly awkward but fortunately BetterPlayer allows you to easily modify the file's "type" and "creator" information so it can subsequently be opened by BetterPlayer simply by double clicking. This modification can be automatic or manual if you want to control which programs are switched over to BetterPlayer. If, down the road, you decide to stick with Apple's QuickTime player, BetterPlayer allows you to restore the modified files to their original state.

The best thing about BetterPlayer is that it has been released as both freeware and open source. This means there is no guilt about unpaid shareware fees and programmers are welcome to play with the code to extend the program's functionality.

BetterPlayer is a work in progress and there are several features and improvements in the works:

  • Ability to add a resource fork to a file that doesn't have one so BetterPlayer can work with it.
  • Sizing options
  • Remembering window positions
  • Basic editing features.

    BetterPlayer Information
    Download BetterPlayer
    Contact Matt Beedle for more information.

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