Product Watch: A Suite Deal From Casady & Greene!
Save $90 - $130 On 4 Great Programs

Formed back in 1988 from two companies, Casadyware and Greene, Inc., Casady & Greene is perhaps best known for their Mac only MP3 Player, SoundJam. While SoundJam has won a lot of recent attention, C & G is by no means a one trick pony. Utilities like Conflict Catcher 8, Grammarian 2 and Spell Catcher 8 have received high marks in review after review. While handy to have, if you went out and bought these programs separately you would make a serious dent in your wallet. The standard retail price for all of the programs below ranges from $190 to $230 depending on whether you opt for electronic or physical delivery. Fortunately, Casady & Greene is offering all of the programs mentioned above in a reasonably priced bundle. Using this link, you can get all 4 programs for $100, a savings of up to $130! This offer is set to expire on September 7th though so it is best to act quick if you are interested. Below we provide you with a brief description of each program along with links to reviews. If you want a chance for a free copy of Conflict Catcher 8, swing by our contest page. We are giving away a copy in three days!

Product Description MSRP:
We have all lost time, and often work, when an application or our whole system crashes. Often the cause can be traced to an extension conflict. Conflict Catcher 8 helps you track down these conflicts and makes the process as painless as possible. CC8 also provides a wealth of information on your extensions including their function, memory usage etc. If you are upgrading to a new OS, CC8 can help you out with a "Clean-Install System Merge" feature that helps you integrate the contents of your old system folder with a new "clean install' one. Reviews: MacAddict | MacHome | MacNN | Macworld $69.95 - Download
$79.95 - Box
Is your writing filled with split infinitives, passive sentences, and faulty punctuation? If so, Grammarian 2, may be able to help you out. Grammarian checks for these, and a host of other, grammatical errors. You can customize Grammarian to suit your particular writing style and select which grammatical errors you would rather have it ignore. Checking can be done interactively as you write or as a batch job after you finish. Reviews: MacHome $39.95 - Download
$49.95 - Box

There is no doubt that this program has saved us embarrassment on more than one occasion! Spell Catcher 8, as you have no doubt guessed from the name, checks your writing for spelling mistakes. Even more impressive is the fact that it does this in 8 different languages! Spell Catcher also sports an 80,000 word dictionary and a thesaurus with 1.5 million synonyms and antonyms. As with Grammarian, you can set Spell Catcher to check interactively or when you are done typing. Reviews: MacAddict | Macworld | MacReviewZone

$39.95 - Download
$49.95 - Box
SoundJam MP Plus, currently at version 2.1.1, represents an all-in-one solution for people wanting to listen to or encode MP3 files on their Mac. SoundJam sports a 10 band equalizer, "karaoke" mode, and support for both AltiVec and dual processors. Reviews: MacHome | MacNN | MacUser UK | Macworld $39.95 - Download
$49.95 - Box

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