Product Watch: Weight Loss Program For Your Hard Drive!

Chaos Master
How many copies of SimpleText do you have on your drive? How much drive space is your web browser cache eating? How many preference files do you have for programs that you tossed out years ago? If you don't know the answers to these questions, chances are that you need a program like Chaos Master from Radilogic.

While its logo looks like something out of a JRR Tolkien book or role playing game, Chaos Master 1.1, formerly Yank Pro 3.1, represents a serious suite of utilities to remove unneeded clutter from your hard drive. Some of Chaos Master's features are outlined below.

  • Duplicate removal - Helps you identify and (optionally) remove duplicate programs and documents
  • Preference file clean up - Chaos Master helps you identify unneeded preference files. Ask the wizard to find files that are a certain size and used at a certain date.
  • Locate updated versions of your programs - uses the popular VersionTracker web site to help you locate the most recent versions of your programs.
  • Orphaned files adoption - files become "orphaned" when the program that created them has been removed from your drive. Chaos Master will help locate these files and assign them to new applications. Along this same vein, Chaos Master can also remap all files with a particular (obsolete) creator type to a new one, assigning all of your FireWorks documents to Photoshop for example.
  • Uninstall - The installer of well behaved programs will include an uninstall option as well, but this is often not the case. Chaos Master will help you track down and remove all of the files installed by a particular program.

In a recent review this is what MacHome had to say about Chaos Master: "This is a program that everyone should have to keep their computer free of unknown clutter. The price is right and it is easy to use. Just remember to understand what you are removing!"

System requirements:
- Power Mac
- OS 8.1
- 1.3MB Drive space
- 4.5 RAM, 6MB preferred

MSRP: $59.95 - Download or physical delivery available